Over 200 Feral Cats and Kittens Helped by Two Dedicated Women in Beach Park, IL


Mindy Brown and Janet Ward are determined to finish what they started. There were over 300 feral cats and kittens running around a trailer park, many of them literally in Brown’s backyard.  After a decade of stray cats multiplying, Brown decided something had to be done.


Mindy and Janet

“There were cats dying in the street. Some got run over by cars. Kittens dying from disease,” Brown said. So she called Spay and Stay, an organization that supports trap-neuter-release (TNR) in Lake County. They put Brown in touch with Janet Ward, one of their volunteers.   Continue reading

Horribly Abused Dog Desperately Needs Rescue with Experienced Foster


Baby has been horribly mistreated during her life. Half of her tail is missing, her eyes droop, and her coat was a terrible mess. She was found as a stray, and the months she has spent at the shelter have not been kind to her. She has withdrawn from people, and she needs a very special kind of rescue to help her.

Baby cannot be adopted, but she needs to be pulled by rescue. Soon. She is frightened of strangers, and she startles easily. Baby does not quickly trust people.

babywithvolunteerIn fact, it took a long time for the volunteers at The Humane Society of Aurora, Illinois, to get her to trust them. Finally, Baby decided to trust a few of them, and to everyone’s surprise, she is a very loving girl! While her abusive history has made it difficult for Baby to trust many people, with patience and love, she does return affection.

The love that she shows to those she trusts makes the volunteers think that with the right rescue, and the right foster, Baby could eventually be a different dog.  This scared girl with a rough exterior has a huge heart that is longing for a chance to love someone with all her might. Baby needs a home of her own, a soft bed, and a family who will promise to keep her loved and safe from harm.

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10 Amazing dogs will be killed this Tuesday unless you help

sebring 5:2 deadline.jpg

In a small, county shelter in Sebring, Florida, five wonderful dogs are waiting in concrete kennels. They have been waiting for someone to adopt them or for a rescue to pull them. Now, they have been waiting too long, and they all are scheduled to be killed on Tuesday if no one has saved them, and the shelter needs their kennel.

Sweet puppy brothers Mack and Marcus are going die. So will the lovely Matilda, and others.

How can people who are not even close to Florida help? How can people who cannot adopt or foster another dog help?

By simply sharing their story on social media, it increases the chance that a rescue somewhere will see them and decide to save one or two of them. Transport could be available for rescues.

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LA County Animal Control to Kill All Animals who Appear Aggressive or Unadoptable — Even if a Rescue Wants Them


This is Siren. He was an 11-month-old pit bull puppy, and he was not available to adopters or even to rescues who might have wanted to save him. He was scheduled to die because of a new policy at the LA County shelters thanks to new deputy director Allison Cardona.

It would seem to be a news item from several decades ago — that a shelter would change their policies to harm even more animals than previously. Animals that would certainly — many of them — be able to be rescued and successfully adopted out to loving families.

Yet this is the decision that was made by Allison Cardona, the new Deputy Director for the South County Operations. So the Los Angeles County Shelters, including Carson, Downey, Baldwin, Lancaster and Agoura Hills, all of them, will be killing animals immediately after their holding period is up if they show any signs of aggression or indications that, according to the shelter workers, they might be unadoptable.

Cardona, the person who apparently made this decision, has only been Deputy Director at the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control since last month. Her LinkedIn profile states,

“Nonprofit management professional with 13+ years of experience developing community programs connecting low-income and marginalized families to resources. Extensive experience collaborating with social services, government agencies, law enforcement, elected officials and community-based organizations at the local, state and national level. I’m looking for an organization with a mission where my skills and deep commitment to racial, gender and economic justice can be fully applied.”

Apparently, while she is interested in justice for humans, that may not extend to our four-legged companions. What is also surprising is that for the past 14 years — over a decade — she has worked for the ASPCA in New York, ending her career there as Director & Senior Director, Community Engagement. It’s heartbreaking and informative that Cardona came from the ASPCA and within a month implemented a change that will certainly kill more animals and allow many fewer to go to rescue.

Two months ago, a dog like Siren could have been pulled by a rescue so long as they were willing to sign a waiver of liability. And many rescues did so without hesitation knowing that dogs who are stressed or frightened at chaotic shelters don’t show their true personality. Siren’s video shows a dog who is frightened at first, but wags his tail. He takes a treat and looks for more. He lived in a home with six other dogs, and arrived at the shelter with siblings who got perfect scores on their temperament tests. He was sick, so he was not tested. Then when a shelter worker was cleaning his cage, he bit a finger. Was he provoked? Frightened?

Because of that incident, even if a rescue wanted to pull Siren and get him properly evaluated and into a calm environment, they were denied that opportunity. Cardona, in her infinite wisdom, decided to kill such dogs without getting complete temperament tests done by qualified animal behaviorists. When the rescues are signing waivers of liability, what is the possible excuse for this?

The email sent by the shelter to rescues with the information about the new policy:

“I wanted to take the time to inform you that effective immediately there will be some changes in the animals in which you have been notified. All animals deemed “not safe” for placement due to behavior will no longer be made available to rescue’s. You will no longer receive notifications on these animals and animals that fall under this category will be euthanized after there holding period is up. You will continue to receive notification on animals that are behaviorally sound and available. If you have any question please contact Allison Cardona the new Deputy Direct for the South County Operations.”

The response on Facebook was furious. Many dogs, in shelters across the country, fail these tests, and most dog trainers will attest to the fact that trying to ascertain the temperament of an animal who has been abandoned and is in an extremely stressful environment will often result in getting unreliable results.

One Facebook post: Tdooneyhis is Dooney, he failed his temp test, was a waiver dog and waited 131 days to get out, rescued by 4 Dogs Farm Rescue and Dennise Totes and Felicia Figueroa
He’s the sweetest little dog and his new family loves him so much, he was one of the lucky ones, so many innocent lives are going to be lost.

A spokesperson for FosterFurKids.com, a LA area rescue co-founded by Alison Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s daughter, shared the following:

We are extremely concerned about the new policy implemented by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control. Our organization has rescued countless dogs that were deemed “aggressive” or unadoptable and as soon as those dogs were taken out of the shelter environment their behavior completely changed.  One test cannot determine a dog’s temperament. Most of these animals are stressed out and scared. Rescue groups that pull animals from shelters, have to sign adoption partner agreements in which they assume all legal responsibility and release the shelters of any liability.
In fact just last week we rescued a dog from a shelter that was a “rescue only” because he nipped at someone’s toe. When he was inside the kennel he was barking and acting very aggressively towards other dogs. He was literally biting at the cage. He’s now living in a foster home with other dogs and he’s perfectly fine. He’s running around and playing with the other dogs.

Siren’s Facebook posts showed the escalating danger he faced:


🆘 THEY MOVED HIM TO THE BACK!! 🆘 He has a cold and is on his second round of meds so he is in DANGER!!!! He is a puppy he came from a home with 6 dogs, he is CHINA and Brownie’s Brother, both scored A’s on TEMP TEST! He is amazing and needs a chance NOW!! Please SHARE!


SIREN is adorable with beautiful energy but he and his sweet sisters BROWNIE and CHINA and these special babies sneed help now!
Please SHARE for his life, he needs a TEMPERAMENT TEST requested IN PERSON by an Interested Party before the Shelter will allow him to be saved. Without this Test being ordered he can be PTS at any time after his Available Date. A FOSTER or Adopter would save him. Thanks!

#A5042158 My name is SIREN and I’m an approximately 11 month old male Pit Bull. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 3/19. I will be available on 3/19. You can visit me at my temporary home at C329.
My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they had too many pets.

Siren is scheduled to be killed by the LA County shelter. He is only 11 months old.

There are other dogs in urgent need of rescue and adoption at the LA shelters. Please visit the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page to see some of them.

Please sign the petition, link below:


Please SHARE this and voice your outrage!!!











Roxy carson

Roxy is in danger

Also concerning is that the shelter is allegedly using information from owners regarding aggressive behavior. That kind of information is often unreliable, as many rescues know. Owners who want to give a reason for their surrender of a dog — and want it to look like they aren’t just jerks giving up a good dog — often create a history that will make them look less like jerks. They’ll claim: “The dog bit someone” or “the dog growled at my baby.” So they feel better, and the dog gets killed. Yet even knowing that, the shelter may rely on that information rather than a reliable temperament test by a qualified trainer.

Questions that Cardona should be answering include:

What method are they using to evaluate and determine whether these dogs are in fact aggressive or dangerous.? How much training does shelter staff have to make these assessments?
Dogs’ lives depend on this.
(Roxy is ID#A5032706)

Ten Dogs in Florida Die Tomorrow –Urgently in Need of Rescue or Adoption


This video shows dogs who are in extreme danger of being killed on Thursday, April 13th at the Sebring, Florida Animal Control. Please share their information to help them have a chance to be saved.

These dogs don’t have long to live. They were give an extension until 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, April 13th. After that, those dogs who have not found rescue or adoption will be killed. Even the 18-month-old puppy. Please share their plight. Their stories are not known, but all are sweet and deserving of a chance to live a full life.



Luna looks like she has given up. She lies curled up on her bed in the kennel, a light showing in her dark brown eyes as if asking if the photographer is there to help. Luna looks like she’s been well-fed, and she probably doesn’t know what she did to end up in a county shelter with death looming in her tomorrow. Without rescue or an adopter, Luna will be killed after 3:30 tomorrow. She is only 4 years old.  Luna is ID #48913. There might be more information on her Facebook thread.

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Dog with Chain Attached Through His Skin Urgently in Need of Foster to Be Saved


Animal rescuers see some horrible things. But sometimes, the level of cruelty is astounding even to those who think they have seen it all.

This dog had been so cruelly treated, so horribly abused, that NorCal Bully Breed Rescue couldn’t turn their back on him. They wrote about that abuse in the Facebook post begging for a foster so that they can save him.

carabiner“This sweet boy was found running down the road with a chain attached to his neck. It
wasn’t attached to a collar. It wasn’t attached around his neck.  It was attached THROUGH his neck. Someone took the time to pierce a large whole in his chest/neck area then punched a carabiner through it, tethering him with a chain.

He was literally pierced and tethered.  It is beyond understanding. It doesn’t make any sense. I see horrible things all the time. I’m hardly ever shocked anymore. But this was beyond shocking.”

He has been named Steve, and he is at a shelter a few hours south of Sacramento. He was found running in the streets with the chain dragging behind him. He is a very lucky dog on two counts. First that he managed to escape from whoever had kept him in such an abusive situation, and second that he was found by someone before his chain caught on something, which would certainly have killed him, slowly and painfully. Continue reading

Gentle Giant One of Many Wonderful Dogs Needing Homes Who Need to Be Only Dogs

buddy sitting

Buddy has been without the person he loved most in the world for almost a year now. The relationship he had with his human mom was one of mutual adoration. They loved each other completely and totally.

So when she died, Buddy was bereft. He waited for her to get home every day so they could be together. She’d take him out and play with him, they’d light a fire, turn on the television, watch movies and eat popcorn. Life was good, and Buddy must have felt like the luckiest dog in the world.

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Chipotle is a Wonderful Dog Who Dies Tomorrow in New York


Chipotle’s cherry eye (in both eyes) was fixed when she was spayed!

Chipotle dies tomorrow. She is at the New York Animal Care and Control, and no matter how sweet, how well-behaved, how lovely  dogs are, they are killed when their time is up.

Chipotle is an example of a fabulous dog who will die. She has had less then two weeks in the shelter. She is an amazing dog. When the police found her, she was scared. But when they opened the car door, she jumped right in. When they arrived at the shelter, Chipotle was afraid to get out of the car, but when offered a walk and some treats, she came right out. During the admission process, she was nervous but warmed up to the counselors — especially when offered treats. She allowed all handling — even frightened as she was in the strange surroundings.

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4-Year-Old Dog with Old Injury Desperately Needs Rescue


Update: She was pulled by rescue!!

This is a short plea for a rescue — or wealthy benefactor — to help Lady, a small, four-year-old Shih Tzu who is currently at Miami Dade Animal Services. Their vet examined her and her report shared on her Facebook page says:

“Pet presents for evaluation of an injury. She’s unable to stand in the hind end and drags her hind limbs when walking. There are large abrasions present on the dorsal surface of both hind paws. The hair coat has a strong smell of urine and the hair coat is dull and soiled. It is apparent that the inciting cause of the injures likely occurred some time ago. Absent conscious proprioception in both hind limbs with sensation present in both hind paws. Quiet, alert, responsive, and approximately 6 – 7 % dehydrated. Oral mucous membranes are pink and slightly tacky with a capillary refill time of less than 2 seconds. The abdomen is very tense during palpitation. She has a good appetite at this time. Thoracic auscultation reveals a Grade II/VI left sided heart murmur with clear lung sounds. She is a very sweet girl! Recommend transfer to rescue ASAP for further diagnostics and care. Humane euthanasia may be indicated.”

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Dumped at the shelter when the family got a puppy — Rocky is desperately in need of a home


His family decided to get a puppy. Instead of slowing introducing the puppy to the resident dog, Rocky, the family just threw them together. Rocky, who had been with the family for four years, did not accept the puppy.

His family gave him no time to adjust. They took Rocky to the shelter and left him there — after four years of his loving their kids and their family. They said he’s great with kids and great with big dogs. Volunteers are worried because even though his video has had over 100,000 views, he is still at the shelter. He has been there for almost two months.

His Facebook post says, “He did amazing on his TEMP TEST and he CAN GO HOME TODAY!” That means that the shelter gave him a temperament test, and Rocky passed with flying colors. He is NOT considered rescue only, but can be adopted directly. Continue reading