Horribly Abused Dog Desperately Needs Rescue with Experienced Foster


Baby has been horribly mistreated during her life. Half of her tail is missing, her eyes droop, and her coat was a terrible mess. She was found as a stray, and the months she has spent at the shelter have not been kind to her. She has withdrawn from people, and she needs a very special kind of rescue to help her.

Baby cannot be adopted, but she needs to be pulled by rescue. Soon. She is frightened of strangers, and she startles easily. Baby does not quickly trust people.

babywithvolunteerIn fact, it took a long time for the volunteers at The Humane Society of Aurora, Illinois, to get her to trust them. Finally, Baby decided to trust a few of them, and to everyone’s surprise, she is a very loving girl! While her abusive history has made it difficult for Baby to trust many people, with patience and love, she does return affection.

The love that she shows to those she trusts makes the volunteers think that with the right rescue, and the right foster, Baby could eventually be a different dog.  This scared girl with a rough exterior has a huge heart that is longing for a chance to love someone with all her might. Baby needs a home of her own, a soft bed, and a family who will promise to keep her loved and safe from harm.

The volunteers think that Baby is worth the effort. The few whom she trusts know that there is a lifetime of love inside her. She has monetary donations to cover any medical treatment and to cover training, but it probably isn’t in Baby’s best interest to be boarded because living in a kennel has exacerbated her behavioral issues. She’s the longest resident at the City of Aurora’s Animal Care and Control and has lived in a kennel since the middle of November!

The Humane Society of Aurora is the volunteer arm of this small, local shelter. They are desperately trying to find a rescue for Baby so she can begin the healing process. To see Baby or get more information, a rescue should email rescueoradopt@aurora-il.org to make an appointment. You can get updates on Baby by visiting her thread on Facebook.

Please share Baby’s story. Please help her find love, peace, and safety. Please help those who are heartbroken by her plight to help her.

Please note: DO NOT comment below with questions or information about helping her. The rescue does not monitor this page — you need to contact the shelter directly.


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