Gentle Giant One of Many Wonderful Dogs Needing Homes Who Need to Be Only Dogs

buddy sitting

Buddy has been without the person he loved most in the world for almost a year now. The relationship he had with his human mom was one of mutual adoration. They loved each other completely and totally.

So when she died, Buddy was bereft. He waited for her to get home every day so they could be together. She’d take him out and play with him, they’d light a fire, turn on the television, watch movies and eat popcorn. Life was good, and Buddy must have felt like the luckiest dog in the world.

Then his mom got sick. When she was gone, her mother, Edie, would visit Buddy and feed him. Finally, his mom never returned, and Buddy was left alone.

While Edie would come to feed him and let him into the yard for the day, he was always alone. The neighborhood kids taunted him and threw rocks at him, which is why Buddy is not a fan of small children now. Even though he still slept inside the house, he was alone there. Even though he waited for his mom to come back to him, she didn’t.

Finally, the day came when Buddy had to leave the only home he’d ever known. He went to live with Edie and her husband, but when the husband showed signs of severe allergies, Buddy had to stay outside. He had a dog bed on the porch, and the weather was nice, but it wasn’t like having a family.

Edie didn’t want Buddy to end up in a shelter. She knew Buddy was afraid of kids because of the rock throwing, and he was used to being an only dog, and he lacked some basic manners. Buddy would not do well in a shelter, and he risked being euthanized because of his behavior.

Buddy ended up — through a very fortuitous accident — being fostered by a young lady named Melissa. She spoke with Shelter Me and talked about Buddy.

“Buddy is very independent. He likes to sit by himself on the couch and chill. He loves listening to the neighbors. When we are playing, maybe tug-of-war, he’s very easily distracted by things going on. Buddy loves to go on car rides. And he’s amazing on leash — he’s always been wonderful.”

Watch the goofy Buddy, the dog who loves his toys and going around in circles with them.

Buddy was lucky when local rescue NorCal Bully Breed Rescue decided to take him under their wing. They raised money for Buddy to get obedience training. After two thousand dollars of training, Buddy behaves beautifully. See the video below of him listening and staying.

But Buddy hasn’t found a home yet. He is a dog who needs to be the only dog in a home. He also has a high prey drive, so he needs to be the only animal in a home. He would do fine with children over the age of twelve.

Buddy can be around other dogs, and when walking he is fine with passing by other dogs so long as they don’t attack him or show aggression with him. He’s a low key dog who enjoys playing by himself in a fenced area.

The trainer was concerned about Buddy’s high energy around other dogs and his excitement, which could be interpreted as aggression and start a fight if he were living with another dog.

Buddy has some great qualities. He is completely house trained. “He’s never had an accident in the house. Not once,” his foster said. He’s also never shown any sign of destructive behavior. While he will go in his crate, he is not crated when alone because there is no need.

Buddy is only four years old. He’s a healthy 80 pounds and super gentle when taking treats. He also loves going on walks or just hanging out. He’s not a cuddler, but rather a dog who just wants to be a companion, lying near his person, not on top of them. “He’s not a fan of the water,” commented Melissa. “So he’s not a boat dog.”

NorCal really, really wants Buddy to get a home of his own. His adoption fee has been waived. So if the perfect family comes along, and they prove that they will give Buddy the happy-ever-after he deserves, Buddy is theirs.

The adoption application can be found at They want the adopter to be local to Sacramento, but are willing to consider other applications. They wrote on his Facebook thread:

“Don’t ask if you’re outta state unless you are 1000% committed to this dog and agree to drive here to pick him up and provide us with video of your home and yard. And references. And blood type. And mothers maiden name. 😂😂😂
No, but seriously, please don’t pull our leg and comment unless you’re real.”

There are many other fabulous dogs looking for homes, dogs like Buddy, who need to be only dogs. While dogs have different reasons for not liking other dogs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful with people. Please consider adopting one if you don’t have other animals.

For example, Junior is a tiny three-year-old red Chihuahua who weighs only 14 pounds. He loves kids — any size, any age — and loves riding in cars, going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. He also loves playing catch and playing with toys. Junior is with Lucky Dog Small Breed Rescue in Fond du Lac, WI. There may be more information on his Facebook thread.

Millhouse is also a very sweet dog, But as sweet as he is, he is also very dog aggressive. The shelter has kept him for over 135 days, and he has been in the adoption program for 118 days with no community or rescue interest. He needs the right environment. Older pictures of him show facial injuries that might reflect that he was attacked by another dog, which might explain his dog aggressiion. Many dogs who are dog aggressive were attacked by other dogs in the past. Millhouse is ID# 1675338. He is only five years old. There may be more information on his Facebook Thread. He is at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Tampa, FL. He has been there since October, 2016.

In the Chicago area is Koda. She is a ten year old husky\shepherd mix whose owner died suddenly. Her Facebook thread says: “Koda: the quiet dog, doesn’t bark, very attentive and likes long walks (and long naps afterwards), does like to play and cuddle a lot. Very good and well trained. If you work regular hours, you will come home to a happy dog who doesn’t go crazy being alone. She’s very content. Take her for a walk (she’ll ask to go by nosing her leash) and you’ll make her day!”  Koda is available through A Heart For Animals.


In Panama City, FL sits Annie. Her owner was homeless, and some people helped get Annie into boarding. But they have run out of money, and Annie’s homeless owner is not around. She is thought to be dog and cat aggressive. She has never been around children. She needs an experienced foster or rescue that can raise funds for training. She is around seven years old. Please contact Critter Care at 850-726-0838 if you are interested or can donate toward her boarding.

And another Florida dog, this one in Miami, is Charlie. He is a handsome guy who has been at the Miami Dade Animal Services since October 29, 2016. According to a volunteer, “When you walk up to him, he’s wagging tail, which is amazing considering he’s been here since October 29. I gave him a treat, and this is him waiting for another one, like a perfect little gentlemen.” Charlie is #A1765165, a male black and white American Bulldog mix who is approximately 4 years old and weighs 55 pounds. Kennel card says “Keep alone, dog aggressive” Contact: and include his ID number.


Lucille was brought to America from the Asian meat market. She was rescued by Addicus’ Legacy Dog in partnership with Soi Dog of Thailand. She was adopted by a family who immediately brought in another Shiba Inu mix, a dominant one, and lacking proper introductions and decompression time, the living arrangement went bad. Lucille was returned. A volunteer said, “It’s so sad bc once the dogs get this label, then it’s hard to adopt them out.” She is in Austin, Texas, and is “super sweet and affectionate.”
There are many, many more dogs in need of one-dog-only homes who didn’t make it onto this list. Please check out your local shelter for more!

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