10 Amazing dogs will be killed this Tuesday unless you help

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In a small, county shelter in Sebring, Florida, five wonderful dogs are waiting in concrete kennels. They have been waiting for someone to adopt them or for a rescue to pull them. Now, they have been waiting too long, and they all are scheduled to be killed on Tuesday if no one has saved them, and the shelter needs their kennel.

Sweet puppy brothers Mack and Marcus are going die. So will the lovely Matilda, and others.

How can people who are not even close to Florida help? How can people who cannot adopt or foster another dog help?

By simply sharing their story on social media, it increases the chance that a rescue somewhere will see them and decide to save one or two of them. Transport could be available for rescues.

The people at the shelter do not want to kill these dogs. They have given most of them extension after extension. But reality is that the kennels fill up, people still dump their dogs at the shelter, strays arrive with no microchip or owner, and when the shelter is filled and no one is adopting the dogs, there is no choice.

That’s where people across the country — even the world — come in. By pledging money for a reputable rescue to pull the dogs, that helps the rescue with medical bills and unforeseen costs. By sharing the dogs’ stories on social media, there are more chances that one person will decide to save one of the dogs.

Read about these five dogs. Watch their videos. And please, share their stories! Their lives really do depend on it.

heidiHeidi is a beautiful brindle and white dog. She has four white paws, and she is as sweet as can be. Because of her sweet nature, she was given extensions from past kill dates, but if her kennel is needed on Tuesday, she will be killed.

Heidi is only around three years old. She is ID #48938 and in pen G18.  Her video shows her tail wagging as she gets some petting. The volunteers said that slow introduction to other dogs and cats is recommended (as it would be for any dog adopted from a shelter).

There may be more information on her Facebook thread.

Bubba is a darling young dog! He’s sweet and gentle. He’s everything one might want in a dog — he’s even housebroken.



Bubba is another dog scheduled to be euthanized. His previous owner found his Facebook thread and posted the following there:

Please someone adopt bubba! I was bubba’s owner. I moved here from Kentucky we had him since he was 6 weeks old, had i known that the places i was gonna be staying at wouldn’t allow me to keep him i would had never brought him. i tried to give him to others before taking him to the shelter. It breaks my heart, it truly does people can look at me as a bad person but i had already packed up and left Kentucky he truly is the best dog in the world great with kids and very well mannered. He was always given his shots never had any issues with other animals at all he loves to play i had 3 children he loved to play with, he is just a big spoiled baby. Never was mean or vicious to anyone or anything. He loves to run and go for walks We had a big back yard with fence he would go out and run for hours when you would for hours. He is house broken goes to the door to let you know when needs to use restroom he never would tear up any thing in the house. He does love taking shoes and running with them though lol.

She also shared some other pictures of Bubba. It’s obvious that he can get along with others dogs (although slow introductions are always recommended!), and that he loves snuggling. He was an indoor dog, and he was much loved.

Bubba is only a puppy with years of life to share with a family. He’s sweet, energetic, and very loving. He desperately needs an adopter or rescue or he will be killed on Tuesday. He has been given several extensions already — perhaps because he is such a sweet boy?

mackMack is a handsome black puppy who is on the cusp of adolescence. He is smaller than he looks in his photo — only around 30 pounds. Mack is still not a year old. His brother, Marcus, is also at risk. Mack is adorable.

Volunteers think he would do better in a home without cats. He is in pen A20. Watch his video — it’s adorable! He keeps wanting to get to the person taking the video so he can give him or her a big kiss! He’s a real lover boy with sweet puppy energy.


There may be more information about Mack on his Facebook thread.

Marcus is Mack’s brother. Marcus also is smaller than his picture appears. He is under 35marcus pounds, and he is a puppy. Marcus is ID #48877 and he is in pen A18.

His video shows that he is not as outgoing as his brother. In fact, Marcus is scared. While the volunteer says that he might not do well with cats, he might just need time. Marcus is a puppy who will need time and patience to decompress and gain confidence. His video is heartbreaking. There may be more information on his Facebook thread.



Matilda is a lovely four-year-old dog. Some think she has some Catahoula dog in her. She is beautiful!



Matilda can get along with other dogs with a proper, slow introduction. She was thrilled to be out during her video — her tail didn’t stop wagging! She is sweet and friendly. It’s obvious that she loves people. She is ID #48912 and she is in pen A21. Her Facebook thread shows the current amount of pledges for her rescue.


Dixon’s Facebook thread shows that he hasn’t had much interest. Is it because he is just another brown dog in a state filled with homeless brown dogs?



His video shows that even though he’s only two years old, he is calm while being petted. According to the volunteer on his video, he would do better in a home without cats or small dogs.

He gets along with other dogs with a slow introduction. Dixon is ID#48966, and he is in pen G17.

These dogs are all in Sebring, Florida. For more information about them, email Sebringflurgents@gmail.com.com or contact the volunteer group, Sebring, Fl Urgents – Please Save Us, by sending them a PM. On their page, they state:

If you are interested in a dog, please make sure that you have a solid plan in place before having the dog pulled. It is a lot of work/cost for volunteers to pull a dog and transport to vet/airport/boarding/etc., and we just want to make sure that at the end of it, the dog gets the loving home he/she deserves, not taken back to AC because everything wasn’t thought through and it has nowhere to go.

If you can’t help by taking one of these fantastic dogs, you can also pledge to help with money for a rescue that will take them! Pledges help to fund the efforts of rescues who are already cash-strapped…keep in mind rescue is a labor of love, many of us have the credit card bills to prove it! If you want to make a pledge, post it in the thread and I will track it. If the dog gets saved, we will post what rescue you can honor your pledge to. Please know that due to changes with Facebook, we can’t be left to have to PM everyone that pledges… so please if you pledge on a dog, keep track and check back in. Feel free to send us a PM or to email Sebringflurgents@gmail.com.com.
Thank you!

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in rescuing a dog, do NOT post it as a comment on this page. Those who volunteer at the shelter will not see it here. You must use the links as suggested above. Thank you for sharing!

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