31 Dogs Have Nothing to Be Thankful for; All will be Killed Before Thanksgiving


Update: Belle, Moon, Rosa, Parker, Silver, Pork Chop, Murry and Maggie (she wasn’t posted yet) have all been RESCUED by Bishop Animal Shelter,SPCA of Manatee County, Please honor pledges at www.bishopspca.org The volunteers at Sebring, FL say, “Thank you!!!!”

Tony was caught on camera with his tail mid-wag. He’s looking sweetly at the photographer with a gleam in his eyes, his body raised up as if hoping that the person taking the picture will stop and give Tony some affection. He wants it, desperately. And now Tony is one of many dogs who will be killed on Tuesday, November 21, unless he is pulled by rescue or adopted.

Tony isn’t petite or graced with curly locks. His nose doesn’t wrinkle up like a Boston Terrier’s. He doesn’t have a long plume of a tail like a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. In fact, Tony looks like many of the other dogs at this shelter. He’s a mix — that healthy blend of many breeds that gives the lucky ones longevity and few diseases and the unlucky ones death at the local county shelter.

While city and suburban shelters receive a mix of purebred dogs and mixes, rural county shelters like the Highlands County Animal Services get mostly mixed breeds, many of which look like pit bull mixes and hunting dogs. The shelter’s director tries to learn about the dogs and their personalities, but as with  most shelters, and especially small ones with few resources, dogs’ behaviors in shelters are often quite different from their behaviors in a home. That’s why responsible shelters advise adopters to take all animal introductions slowly and give new animals time to decompress and relax. (Read a great article about this here.)

So this shelter does advise slow introductions for all dogs and no cats for dogs who may seem to have a high prey drive. Experienced dog rescuers know that even dogs who seem aggressive in shelters may get along great with other dogs after proper introductions and lots and lots of patience. Even some of the Michael Vick dogs who were used for fighting were able to befriend (and even be bossed around by) other dogs.

If you are looking for a dog, please consider adopting from a local rescue. If you are interested in one of the Sebring, FL dogs — who all are urgently in need of rescue — please contact them. Transport may be available. But don’t adopt unless you are willing to commit for life. Too many tender-hearted people adopt a dog long-distance and then find that the dog is unsuited for their homes. What then? The dog is hundreds or even thousands of miles from the shelter, and there may be no support available. Many, many dogs who are adopted by people who want to help but have no idea what to really do are returned within hours, days, or months. Please pledge money if you can to help rescues pull these dogs. Pledges help defray the cost of vetting and caring for the dogs rescues help. And please share this story about these dogs, each one wonderful in his or her own way, who are desperately in need of help.

Also, don’t blame the shelter for killing the dogs. Every day they get in more and more abandoned dogs, some strays whose owners left them to fend for themselves, others dogs who the owners surrendered because they were no longer wanted. A few might be at the shelter because their owners were no longer in a position to care for them. But no shelter, no matter how well-funded, can care for an unlimited number of animals.

Please note volunteers work with the shelter to take videos of all dogs. Some links were not able to be embedded below. All videos can be found here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.21.38 AM

TonyTony loves people, and just watching his video will make you smile as he wriggles and rolls over to get more petting.  Unfortunately, as much as he loves people and has a non-stop wagging tail, he was surrendered by his owner for killing a cat. That means Tony should not go to a home with cats or other small animals. But for chilling on the couch and snuggling? He’d be perfect! There is more information on how to help Tony on his Facebook post. He will die on Tuesday if no one adopts or rescues him. He is around four years old, around 50 pounds, and is ID#34847.

Brinds is a sweet dog who has been at the shelter the longest, and the volunteers can’t brindsunderstand why. They say he is “absolutely stunning” and “quiet and sweet.” He’s a young dog, only about two years old, and a large guy at 63 pounds. His video shows his tail — wagging constantly — and his playful, curious nature. He’s a handsome dog and probably was given extensions of time because of his wonderful personality. He should go to a home without cats. If you want a loving, sweet dog, Brinds is the guy for you! Visit his Facebook post for more information about how to help him. He is ID#34643.

josephJoseph is a four-year-old white and tan dog who looks like he’s seen some hardship. Yet he’s sweet and gentle and loving. In his video, the person petting him says he seems a bit frightened of cats, so with slow introductions, he might get along with all kinds of other animals. He has some scabbed-over wounds on his neck and legs — no one knows how he got them. He’s described by the volunteers who have met him as sweet and quiet. He might be overwhelmed at the shelter. He is around four years old, so he’s past the puppy stage for someone who just wants a quieter, affectionate guy. There is more information on his Facebook post. He is ID#34931.

Dolly is a young dog, barely out of puppyhood, which explains why she loves to run anddolly play when she is taken out of her kennel. A kennel is no place for a playful puppy. She should be in a home, getting lots of exercise and training so that she can reach her potential as a loving companion. Dolly craves attention so much that when volunteers and workers walk by her cage, she sticks her paw out, hoping that it will entice someone to stop and give her some loving. Dolly should be in a home with no cats, but should get along with dogs. Like all shelter dogs, Dolly should be given a chance to decompress and meet new four-legged family members slowly. Dolly is ID#34716. Dolly’s video is short, but shows her happy demeanor and wagging tail.
belleOne can only guess at what Belle lived through before she ended up at this county shelter. She is around four years old and under 40 pounds, but she has an old eye injury that was never treated (looking at it is painful). Yet in spite of the discomfort of that injured eye, she is sweet and affectionate.  But because of that injury, Belle really needs pledges because any rescue considering pulling her will need to have money for her medical care. In her video, she seems to be calm and sweet. She appears to love getting attention! Belle is the kind of dog who would be especially thankful for a home because she has probably never had one. Belle would be better in a home with no cats. She is ID#34859. There is more information on how to help and pledge for Belle on her Facebook post.
Derby is a sweet, calm boy who is under 50 pounds and probably only around three derbyyears old. He’s sweet, and his tail doesn’t stop wagging. He has a minor skin irritation, but that doesn’t stop him from loving being out of his kennel and getting some attention. Watch this wonderful dog’s video and see how handsome he is! There is more information on his Facebook post about how to help him. Derby would do better in a home without cats, and slow introductions to dogs are always recommended. He is ID#34953.

moonMoon is a handsome young dog who appears to be calm on his video. He’s looking around at all the dogs barking and enjoying getting some petting. Volunteers note that he especially enjoys being scratched behind his ears. He would do best in a home with no cats and a slow introduction to dogs. Moon is ID#34845. There is more information about how to help Moon on his Facebook post.

There are eight more dogs who will be killed on Tuesday if no one steps up to adopt or rescue them. Please see their pictures below. Because of space issues, there is limited information about them included here, but there are links to their Facebook posts and videos. They are all dogs who are worthy of rescue, all dogs that the shelter workers and volunteers are trying to save, and all dogs who, with some training, could be fantastic family dogs.


From left to right, these dogs are:
(Note that ID# has links to Facebook post)

Murry is young, sweet, under 35 pounds, and is learning to sit. Notes: “He has a lot of promise to make a great dog with the right direction!” He is ID#34746. Arie sits calmly and is a “very sweet girl.” No cats. Arie is ID#34629. Rosa (ID#35004) and Parker (ID#35003), to her right, are siblings. They both are still puppies and very sweet. Rosa is the more outgoing of the two while Parker is sweet but a bit shy. Rosa is only 26 pounds and Parker is around 33 pounds.


From left to right again are:

From left to right again are: Plumo (ID#35010) is a big dog who is only about three years old. He is very sweet but needs to be the only pet. His video shows that he like affection and is calm. Bailey (ID#35013) is only two years old and is a very big, handsome boy who needs training. He loved the head scratching on his video.  Howze (ID#34963) is around two years old and under 50 pounds. He is dog selective (he wants to be alpha) and doesn’t like cats. His video shows that he loves his ears rubbed! Rickie is rescue only. She is a pretty senior dog who has special needs, probably due to a abuse in her past. She is very nervous (especially around men) and cannot live with cats. She should also not be around small children (maybe they mistreated her in her past?). She hates being crated, but her caretaker sings to her and she loves it! Her video shows that she loves to be petted, but she knows the caretaker well. There is more information on her Facebook post.

Please note that if you want to help these dogs, you must visit their Facebook pages. Posts made on this page will not be seen by the shelter or the volunteers! Please share this article with friends and others who might pledge or otherwise help these dogs.

10 thoughts on “31 Dogs Have Nothing to Be Thankful for; All will be Killed Before Thanksgiving

  1. There is no reason to kill these beautiful dogs. Why collect them just to exterminate them !
    Please there are places that can help
    These animals never receive enough exposure & then in hardly no time you Will kill them this is sickening
    There must be a better way


    • I’m not quite sure you understand. No one is “collecting” them. They are dumped there because no one wants them. This is the shelter and the volunteer’s way of trying to get them saved. If you are willing to foster, by all means please be a part of the solution and foster for your local shelter or rescue! That’s the only way to stop the slaughter. To get enough foster homes and to spay and neuter dogs and cats. The shelter cannot hold an infinite number of animals. They are not independently wealthy. No public shelter is. If you want to help these dogs, please pledge so that if a rescue takes them, there is money for vetting and heartworm treatment, if needed!


    • Maureen, what don’t you get about high-kill shelters being overcrowded and no-kill shelters having to turn animals away? I feel as angry and upset as you do, but the problem is too many dogs and cats, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. Governments should tackle the problem by implementing measures to control commercial breeding and banning the sale of pets in stores and online. The pet trade has become a lucrative industry where animals are little more than mere commodities (throw-away commodities at that), the ‘pet’ being a lucrative item from its birth until (and including) its death; and that’s only the well cared for pets. The many abandoned or lost who become strays are often unsterilised and multiply exponentially, ending their sad lives in a shelter to be euthanised humanely, or shamefully killed by gas or heart stick. Governments must be held to account, so demand the politicians tackle the problem of commercial breeding and selling of pets; demand they support TNR with funding to volunteers; demand they increase penalties for abuse and/or abandonment; demand they ban gassing and heartsticking; and demand they start taking responsibility for all companion animals by introducing compassion into the curriculum of all schools from primary level up. An ideal world for ‘pets’ is one where none are strays and shelters are empty. No-kill shelters are overwhelmed with too many animals and not enough adopters, putting many at risk of going back into an abusive situation with the wrong people. It isn’t enough to be continually picking up the pieces; we must still do that, but we must also tackle the problem where it begins and stop the constant influx of animals into shelters. The end of this cruel industry has to start with us, so talk to your local politician and keep talking.


  2. I am sick and tired of these issues…lits of shelters are refusing rescues and if you are so overwhelmed why do you NOT give them away!!!!!!! People hesitate because of these rules…ADOPTION fees…and how many are so traumatized because they get no socialization in shelters so they cannot really judge on meeting. Shelters who kill should not be called shelters. You r just detainment centers! R u fighting the cause statewide to change dumping..making it a crime…abuse..dog fighting…puppy mills..pet stores selling puppy mill pets and changing ur center rules on adoptions in regard to anything that prevents loving families from being able to afford these fees. Sadly people r suspicious of all shelters and seeing that donations do not seem to go to the animal personally…just to keep you running. The ultimate goal is to find the pet a home isn’t it??!!
    My opinion and i am 62 yrs old. Ihave been involved in animal advocacy for 40yrs. Nothing has changed in these issues. You guys have the statistics and first hand knowledge…why isn’t there an agency that all shelters are in together that can compile this information and bring to the state and federal forums for more help and changing laws??!! It will never change if there are no consequences for these irresponsible owners and the pet abusers!!


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