27 Dogs Die at Sebring Shelter in Florida Tomorrow


In a small county shelter in Sebring, Florida, there are 27 dogs whose lives are at stake. This week, if they are not adopted or pulled by rescue, they will be killed. Some will die tomorrow, Tuesday, October 10th, while others will have two more days to live. Those dogs are scheduled to be killed on Thursday if they have not been rescued.

Four of the dogs survived a hurricane. They were in outdoor kennels when Hurricane Irma came barreling through. They survived the wind and the rain, and while they must have been frightened, they came through it in one piece.

But they will not survive being in a county shelter that is filled to the brim. A county shelter that must make space for new dogs being dumped by uncaring owners. These dogs, like tens of thousands of other dogs, will lose their lives this month because of owners who don’t care enough to keep their dogs.

judy and jane

Some dogs, like Jane and her daughter Judy, are young. Both girls are young — Jane is barely over a year old and her daughter, Judy, is still a puppy. They were dumped together, and both are terrified at the shelter.

In this picture, they look as if they are posing. They can’t have known that this picture might be what could save their lives. For more information on how to save them, visit their Facebook post. Judy, on the left,  is ID #34598, and Jane, her other, is on the right. Jane is ID Jane #34601.

trixieTrixie  is a small black and white girl who seems to be scared in the shelter. Does she know that she will be killed tomorrow because no one cared enough to step up for her? All she knows is that the family she lived with for six years doesn’t want her, and she’s in a scary place. She has been spayed. Trixie is ID #34674. There is more information on how to save her on her Facebook post.


Simon dies tomorrow, and he has no shares on his Facebook post which means that no simonone is networking for him. He is a medium-sized dog. There’s nothing cute or adorable about Simon. Yet this dog, just like the other dozens of dogs due to die, has a world of love to give to a family who rescues him. He was limping on his back leg, but has not been to the vet. He will be killed Tuesday.  Simon is ID #34656, and more information can be found on his  Facebook post.

Nothing is known about Artie (see below), except that he dies this week if no one adopts him or pulls him for rescue. Artie is another very young dog who should have his whole life ahead of him, yet he is at death’s door in a small rural shelter in Florida. He’s only 40 pounds and probably only a year old. Artie is ID #34622. There is more information about how to save him on his Facebook post.

Ruby only has until Tuesday, October 10th, before she dies. She looks like a low rider. Her face is relaxed and ready to cover someone with kisses. But unless she is adopted or pulled by rescue, her life will be cut short. Ruby is only around three years old and she is smaller than she appears in her photo. She’s only around 40 pounds. She is ID #34614. There is more information on how to save Ruby on her Facebook post



King and Cletus were abandoned together. Cletus was rescued, but King was not. That means that King dies tomorrow if no one steps up to save him. King is strikingly handsome and only around one year old. He’s a larger guy at 70 pounds. He is ID #34582. King is in pen A24. There is more information on how to save King on his Facebook post.

Kujo is a sweet, young, calm dog. When you watch his video, below, you can tell that he is a favorite at the kennel. His tail wags nonstop as he gets some attention. But he’s just another medium-sized dog who will be killed tomorrow if no one steps up for him. He seems to get along with other dogs, although a slow introduction is always recommended.  Kujo is ID #34486. There is more information on his Facebook post.


Max is only one year old! He’s another medium-sized dog who doesn’t do well with other male dogs, but would probably be fine with females. There is more information on his Facebook post. Max is ID #34606.


Apollo is another tan, medium-sized, young dog who dies tomorrow. There is more information about Apollo on his Facebook page. His video shows that he is laid back and gentle. He doesn’t get along with cats, but is fine with other dogs with a slow introduction. He is ID #34449.



Look at her eyes. Puddles is only two to three years old, and her light brown eyes are begging for someone to come and rescue her. She’s got a date with death on Tuesday if no one offers to adopt her. A foster home would enable a rescue to pull her and save her life. She’s beautiful, she’s young, and she could have her whole life ahead of her. Visit her Facebook page for more information about how to save her. She is ID #34618. Watch her video below.

Lady was dumped by her owner with two other dogs, Bama and Riddick. As you can see from her video, she is sweet and calm. She wags her tail and kisses the hand that is petting her. She is only around one year old and around 50 pounds. She is in pen A13 and is ID #34607. There may be more information on her Facebook post. See her video below.

Lad is one of the dogs who weathered the hurricane under a tarp and now he faces death tomorrow. He’s four years old and 80 pounds. He loves people and is a very handsome dog. The problem with Lad is that he doesn’t get along with other dogs or cats. So while his owner had him neutered, by dumping him at the shelter, he has probably sentenced Lad to death. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to find a foster home or someone willing to adopt a dog that is not good with other animals. Lad is ID #34257. All of Lad’s comments are on his Facebook post.

charliePoor Charlie! He may be the most heartbreaking dog of all because there is little chance Charlie will be saved. He seems to be blind in one eye, he’s not a young dog but rather quite middle-aged at around six years old, and he’s another nondescript hound mix. Charlie did have a home at one point, and they neutered him. But all that doesn’t mean a thing when he’s on the list to die tomorrow. He is ID #34640. There is more information on his Facebook post.

Lucey and Ebey were surrendered together at the shelter by their owner. Both girls are absolutely terrified at the shelter. Both dogs are young, sweet and small, and both deserve to be given a chance at life. Yet both dogs are the victims of heartless owners who discard their unwanted pets like a pair of old socks. Lucey is a small, brown, three-year-old dog. She has until Thursday, October 12. There may be more information on her Facebook post.  Lucey is ID #34689. 

Ebey is a beautiful girl. She is still practically a puppy, but her life will be ended on Thursday if no one steps up to adopt her. She and Lucey were abandoned at the shelter by their owner. There is more information on how to save Ebey on her Facebook post. #34690 (came in with Lucey)

Laker is a smaller male who may have been overlooked because of his age. He’s betweenlaker five and seven years old, but he has many wonderful years to share with a loving family. Older dogs often appreciate finally getting a loving home more than some younger dogs. Find more information on how to save him on his Facebook post.  He is ID #34639.

Other dogs who will be killed this week include Brinds has until Thursday, the 12th. There is more information on his Facebook post.  He is ID #34643. Bob is a handsome young dog, sweet yet sentenced to die tomorrow. His  Facebook post has more information.

Batman is still basically a puppy. He’s gray and white, sweet and affectionate.  There is more information on Batman on his Facebook post. #34579

Mancha is the sibling of Blanca. He looks sad and confused at the shelter. They were both abandoned by their owner at this small, county shelter. They both appear to be well fed and are spayed and neutered. They must not understand why they were left here. They certainly don’t understand that on Thursday they will be killed.  He is ID #34695. There is more information on his Facebook post on how to save him. Blanca is ID #34696.  For more information on how to save Blanca, visit her Facebook post.

Horsey has nothing going for her. She has a poor picture, she isn’t a young cute dog, and she has an unappealing name. She’s a medium-sized brown dog with no special features. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a world of love to offer a loving family. Often, the nondescript dogs turn out to be the best. There is more information on how to save Horsey on her Facebook post. She is ID #34637.

Please note: The shelter will not see comments on this page. You must contact the shelter directly or the volunteers who run the Facebook pages. 

13 thoughts on “27 Dogs Die at Sebring Shelter in Florida Tomorrow

  1. Thank you so much for caring about these dogs. I live in Sebring and volunteer with 2 different rescues. Every rescue I know of was beyond full before Hurricane Irma hit our county. On top of that, many are still in dire straits due to Irma. Many rescue groups and fosters lost fences, kennels, some had roof damage and are unable to take in new rescues, fosters who evacuated turned their animals back to the rescues before leaving town and not all have been returned to the foster, etc., etc., etc. I’ll be sharing your message on Facebook. ❤


    • I wish there was more I could do! It’s heartbreaking. In the last two years, I’ve brought 5 Florida dogs up North to wonderful homes. Well, one is now mine. But it’s frustrating that so many dogs were abandoned by their owners. Just horrible.


  2. I am sharing these innocent and hopeless angels wherever I can!

    Where exactly are they at? One comment to my shared post says they are in a rescue? Rescues don’t murder… or so I always thought! Where exactly are they at?

    Also: Another person who commented on my shared post said that the place where they are at is basically in nowhere, or there is nothing really there” … like in a very small town…? If this is true, then is horrible and completely unhelpful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is a small county shelter and they don’t have someone on staff to just do social media. The volunteers, who live all over the country, do the best they can and they save lots of lives! It’s in a rural area so they need rescues to pull the dogs. Please follow them on Facebook and share their dogs! That would help. Just follow one of the links in the article.


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