Ten Dogs in Florida Die Tomorrow –Urgently in Need of Rescue or Adoption


This video shows dogs who are in extreme danger of being killed on Thursday, April 13th at the Sebring, Florida Animal Control. Please share their information to help them have a chance to be saved.

These dogs don’t have long to live. They were give an extension until 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, April 13th. After that, those dogs who have not found rescue or adoption will be killed. Even the 18-month-old puppy. Please share their plight. Their stories are not known, but all are sweet and deserving of a chance to live a full life.



Luna looks like she has given up. She lies curled up on her bed in the kennel, a light showing in her dark brown eyes as if asking if the photographer is there to help. Luna looks like she’s been well-fed, and she probably doesn’t know what she did to end up in a county shelter with death looming in her tomorrow. Without rescue or an adopter, Luna will be killed after 3:30 tomorrow. She is only 4 years old.  Luna is ID #48913. There might be more information on her Facebook thread.


Wally’s face says it all. He’d love to get a home, and he’s very worried that he will be killed tomorrow. That’s the deadline. If Wally doesn’t get rescued or adopted by tomorrow, April 13th, he will be killed. Wally has had a hard time finding a home because in spite of his good looks and his woeful eyes, he doesn’t like other dogs or cats. Wally’s identification number is #48686 A-17. He is listed as a black and tan mixed breed. He looks like he might have some shepherd in him, but he looks sweet as can be. Wally’s Facebook thread may have more information.


Carter is another dog in dacarternger of being killed tomorrow. He has had a hard time finding rescue or adoption. Carter is a nice dog. He is handsome with light brown fur and white paws and muzzle. He is intelligent, and his blue eyes are stunning. He will be killed tomorrow unless he finds adopters or rescue to pull him. Carter is only two years old. He is 65 pounds and in pen A14. There may be more information on Carter’s Facebook thread


Snookie is another sweet dog whose picture does not do her justice. She is gentle and loving and she would do well with other dogs and cats so long as the introduction is slow. She does not look like she had an easy life, but if you watch the video below, you will see that she is calm and enjoys the attention. She also will die tomorrow if she is not rescued or adopted. Snookie is ID #48758. She is about four years old,  just under 60 pounds, and she can be found in pen A1. More information may be on Snookie’s Facebook thread.



Cici looks like she has not known a good life or much love. Her head is down and she is the image of a dejected dog. She would love to have a family who fed her regularly and gave her some affection. She is around five years old and only weighs 38 pounds. Cici is ID#48829 and is in pen A15. There might be more information on her Facebook thread.






Otis has his legs crossed and looks like he’s smiling in his picture. He looks like a sweet and gentle goof. He is another dog who will be killed tomorrow if not adopted or rescued. Like all the other spayed/neutered dogs, his adoption fee is only $25. He is ID #48871 and is in pen A2. He is listed as a neutered tan and white male. Otis weighs in at a hefty 90 pounds of sweetness.  Otis’ Facebook page might have more information.






Sampson, like many of the dogs listed to die tomorrow, is a young dog. He is only (estimated at) between three and five years old. He is a sweet dog, but he looks like he’s a bully breed which makes it more difficult to get rescue even when a dog’s personality is wonderful. Sampson is ID #48856. He is neutered.








Bailey could be an owner surrender as this lovely three-year-old girl is up to date on her rabies shots, chipped and spayed. She is only three years old. She is ID #488927 and is in pen A12. She is only around 50 pounds. Her Facebook page might have more information.








Lola is a young dog — between one and two years old.  She has a light in her beautiful golden eyes and her tail appears to be wagging at the photographer who is taking her picture. Her thread says no dogs or cats or kids — all of which makes it even harder for Lola to find rescue or get adopted. She is around 50 pounds. Lola is ID #48901 and in pen A4. Lola’s Facebook thread might have more information.




Bubba is just a puppy at 18 months. He has a lifetime ahead of him, but he dies tomorrow without an adopter or rescue to pull him. His picture isn’t the best quality, but one can see that he is handsome and healthy.  There is more information on how to rescue Bubba on his Facebook thread.


These dogs are located at the Highlands County Animal Shelter in Sebring, Florida. Please PM the Sebring Urgents Facebook page or email Sebringflurgents@gmail.com if you can help!

Do NOT leave comments about rescue or adopting these dogs on this page. The group helping the dog will not see it here. You MUST contact them through their Facebook page or through the above gmail account.

3 thoughts on “Ten Dogs in Florida Die Tomorrow –Urgently in Need of Rescue or Adoption

  1. This is so horrible, when will the US kill shelters finally be closed down or changed to no-kill shelters??? In Germany we don´t have a single kill shelter, we never ever had one as far as I know, and it´s the same in Switzerland, Austria and some other European countries, sharing this post around with a prayer for the pups!!!


    • Maybe in Europe people spay and neuter their animals. In the US, especially in rural areas, people just let their animals roam or chain them in the yard so they have puppies, and those puppies reproduce. The owners just dump the unwanted animals at the local shelter. It’s a terrible situation. Until there is free spay and neuter, I don’t see it changing.


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