Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick

drowning instinct

“Drowning Instinct” by Ilsa J. Bick is one of those stories that when you finish the last page, you close the book and think about it for a bit, and then you open the book and read the first pages again so you really understand what is happening at the beginning.

“Drowning Instinct” is one of those books where things are not as they appear — even after you’ve finished the book. It’s one of those books that leave the reader thinking — about the characters and about what really happened.

Jenna Lord’s life is not a pretty one. Her story is told slowly, and the story begins at the end. Because of that, it takes the reader a while to feel involved, to like Jenna, to relate to her. Continue reading

‘The Conspiracy of Us’ by Maggie Hall: Young adult action thriller


Rating: 4 stars

“The Conspiracy of Us” by Maggie Hall is a welcome departure from the plethora of dystopian¬†young adult novels. I love dystopia, but Hall brings us a “DaVinci Code” type story featuring three young adults who are trying to solve a puzzle to save the life of a loved one while dodging the scions of powerful dynasties trying to stop them.

The story, the first in a trilogy, is written in first person narrative from sixteen-year-old Avery West’s point of view. She meets Jack and Stellan, both of whom work for one of the twelve powerful families who control, basically, the whole world. World War II? Caused by one of the families. Ditto most important world events.

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