Sweet Eva Failed by Many Including Shelter that Doesn’t Screen Adopters or Give Basic Information about Introducing a New Dog into a Home


Eva is a sweet and very friendly dog who is a volunteer favorite. But Eva, through no fault of her own, is going to be killed at the shelter because they are filled and need her kennel.

eva kissing

Eva is a dog who has been failed way too often. She has been adopted from the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center over and over, but she gets returned after a few months, or she is dumped on the streets to end up there a few years after being adopted. In March, 2016, she had been dumped at the shelter with pink-painted nails. Someone had loved her enough to spend time painting her nails, and then they left her at a kill shelter.


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Hours before she was to be killed, she was adopted. But then, just a month ago, she ended up at the shelter again. She had been posted on a “Lost and Found” site as found with a pink collar and leash. She was also listed as found on Next Door, but either no one claimed her or those who found her took her to the shelter when no one replied.

evahapy.jpgDid her owners just dump her in a strange neighborhood and drive away? They certainly weren’t looking for her. They couldn’t be bothered to actually return her to the shelter so she would not get hit by a car or taken for dog fighting. And the shelter will probably not bother to look up the owners and put them on a “Do Not Adopt” list so that another dog doesn’t go through what Eva has gone through.

This is a shelter that doesn’t check out homes. They allow anyone with a $20 bill to adopt a dog, for any reason. Want a hunting dog? Great. If a dog is heartworm positive, they will adopt it out with no stipulation that it receive medical care. This is a shelter with management that lacks any compassion for the dogs, but is all about making the numbers look good. If they actually cared about the dogs, they wouldn’t adopt out animals without information about how to decompress a dog before introducing that dog to family pets and children. Too many dogs are returned for misbehavior that could have been prevented with proper and slow introductions.

Eva has been failed by this shelter and by the families who adopted her, only to dump her when she became a burden. Eva needs a family who will keep her through thick and thin. Who will allow her to slowly get used to her new family and their pets. Who will train her and work with her.

Eva has a lot of love to offer. She has done beautifully in play groups with other dogs, but she definitely needs patience. She might be better in a home with no other dogs, but she does get along with some. A low-key dog might work with Eva.

Please share her story. She doesn’t have long. And this time, she needs to be in a permanent home! Dogs dumped time and time again develop issues because they have been abandoned after bonding with a family. Just like it does with a child, breaking the family bonds with a dog can be life-altering for the dog.

She needs lots of love, lots of patience, and a commitment for life. For more information, check out her Facebook post. Follow instructions there if you can save Eva.

DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS PAGE. The Rescue Me Tampa volunteers do not read the comments here. You must contact them directly!


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