Sebring, Florida Dogs Have Until Monday to Find Rescue or Die


Some of the dogs written about in “31 Dogs Have Nothing to Be Thankful for; All will be Killed Before Thanksgiving” were rescued and others were given a reprieve until Monday the 27th. That’s the way it goes in small county shelters. If enough space opens up, the dogs who were going to die get additional time to find a home and leave the shelter alive. But that also means that there is a never-ending cycle of dogs who are urgently in need of rescue.

The dogs who are still in need of rescue are Brinds, Tony, Shyla, Arie, Derby, Bailey, Howze and Plumo. There are also a few new dogs.

The easiest dogs to find homes for are dogs that can get along with other dogs and cats. While no shelter or rescue can guarantee that dogs and cats will get along, this shelter does try to learn about the personalities of the dogs. With some dogs, it’s immediately obvious that they won’t be good with cats. Other dogs might, but all new dogs should be introduced to other dogs and cats slowly and with caution. It should be a careful and planned introduction, and new animals should never be left alone together until the family is positive that there will be no problems.

susieSusie is a dog who would seem to get along with both dogs and cats (with the above caveat). She is a young girl, only around two years old, and she is on the small size at only 40 pounds. Susie is very happy to be petted and seems calm in her video. The volunteer describes her as “a real sweetheart,” and there is real affection in her voice when she talks about this petite, beautiful dog. Susie is heartworm positive, which means that she really needs pledges for a rescue to help. The treatment for heartworm is expensive, and those who cannot adopt can pledge money for her heartworm treatment so that if a registered rescue pulls her, there is money to help them with the medical bills. There is more information on how to help Susie on her Facebook post. She is ID#35034.

Joseph is a dog who would appear to get along with both dogs and cats (with the abovejoseph caveat). Joseph is a four-year-old white and tan dog who looks like he’s seen some hardship, yet he’s sweet and gentle and loving. In his video, the person petting him says he seems a bit frightened of cats, so with slow introductions, he might get along with all kinds of other animals. He has some scabbed-over wounds on his neck and legs — no one knows how he got them. He’s described by the volunteers who have met him as sweet and quiet. He might be overwhelmed at the shelter. He is around four years old, so he’s past the puppy stage and ready for someone who just wants a quieter, affectionate guy. There is more information on his Facebook post. He is ID#34931.



Bailey is another dog who would probably be fine with both dogs and cats.  He is only two years old and is a very big, handsome boy who needs training. (ID#35013)  He loved the head scratching on his video. The video is adorable. He’s a big old yellow dog who loves — absolutely loves — getting his head scratched. His tail is wagging so vigorously, it seems to whip the handler’s knees. He’s loving the attention and she laughingly comments about how high energy he is at that moment. Really, the only energy seen in the video is how much he loves the attention! Because he is so happy with attention, he’s probably love training with the positive reinforcement and treats to keep him motivated!

Other dogs waiting for rescue may not do well with cats but will get along with most other dogs so long as the introductions are managed well and taken slowly. Brinds is one of those dogs.

Please consider adopting or rescuing this guy. Brinds is a sweet and happy dog who hasbrinds been at the shelter the longest, and the volunteers can’t understand why. They say he is “absolutely stunning” and “quiet and sweet.” He’s a young dog, only about two years old, and a large guy at 63 pounds. His video shows his tail — wagging constantly — and his playful, curious nature. He’s a handsome dog and probably has been given extensions of time because of his wonderful personality. He should go to a home without cats. If you want a loving, sweet dog, Brinds is the guy for you! Visit his Facebook post for more information about how to help him. He is ID#34643.

Dolly is a young dog, barely out of puppyhood, which explains why she loves to run anddolly play when she is taken out of her kennel. A kennel is no place for a playful puppy. She should be in a home, getting lots of exercise and training so that she can reach her potential as a loving companion. Dolly craves attention so much that when volunteers and workers walk by her cage, she sticks her paw out, hoping that it will entice someone to stop and give her some loving. Dolly should be in a home with no cats, but should get along with dogs. Like all shelter dogs, Dolly should be given a chance to decompress and meet new four-legged family members slowly. Dolly is ID#34716. Dolly’s video is short but shows her happy demeanor and non-stop wagging tail.

TonyTony has not been rescued or adopted, and he, too, is urgently in need of rescue by Monday. Tony loves people, and just watching his video will make you smile as he wriggles and rolls over to get more petting.  Unfortunately, as much as he loves people and has a non-stop wagging tail, he was surrendered by his owner for killing a cat. That means Tony should not go to a home with cats or other small animals. But for chilling on the couch and snuggling? He’d be perfect! There is more information on how to help Tony on his Facebook post. He will die on Monday if no one adopts or rescues him. He is around four years old, around 50 pounds, and is ID#34847.

Arie sits calmly and is a “very sweet girl.” Her video shows her sitting quietly while dogs are barking all around her. She likes attention. The volunteer says that Arie should not be in a home with cats. Arie is ID#34629. She is under three years old and has a pretty pink nose and expressive light brown eyes.



Shyla ID#34802 came in with Toby and is described as a “gorgeous girl.” She wags her tail in the video while getting some petting. She is curious and looks around, as if happy to be getting out of her kennel. She gets along with other dogs and probably lived with Toby in her former home. She is young and would love a family of her own. Watch her video to see how calm and gentle she is. Her picture is awful and doesn’t do her justice!

Derby is a sweet, calm boy who is under 50 pounds and probably only around three years old. He’s sweet, and his tail doesn’t stop wagging. He has a minor skin irritation, but that doesn’t stop him from loving being out of his kennel and getting some attention. Watch this wonderful dog’s video and see how handsome he is! He seems to have a Boxer underbite and is adorable. There is more information on his Facebook post about how to help him. Derby would do better in a home without cats, and slow introductions to dogs are always recommended. He is ID#34953.

brendaBrenda is very cute, and in her video, the leash is loose. Brenda is happy to stay right next to the person who is petting her. Her tail is wagging and she is calm and sweet. Brenda has light brown eyes and four white mittens on her feet. She’s a beautiful dog, and she deserves a home where she will be loved and cherished. There is more information about Brenda on her Facebook post.  She is only two years old and around 40 pounds. Brenda is ID#35018.

Hudson is a young pink and white dog. He’s only about one year old, and he’s a bigger boy at almost 70 pounds. He has already been neutered, so he can be adopted for only $25. Hudson is ID#35076. For more information about his personality, please contact the shelter. Miles is another dog who has not yet had a temperament test. He’s a handsome brown and white dog who is only around two years old. Miles is about 55 pounds and is ID#35095. His adoption is sponsored to an approved adopter!

Howze (ID#34963) is around two years old and under 50 pounds. He is dog selective (he wants to be alpha) and doesn’t like cats. His video shows that he loves his ears rubbed! He has very handsome markings. Plumo (ID#35010) is a big dog who is only about three years old. He is very sweet but needs to be the only pet. His video shows that he likes affection and is calm.

There are also dogs who are in danger for Thursday, November 30. Those dogs include Etsy and Shockley, dogs who could get along with other dogs and cats.


Esty needs a slow introduction to dogs and a very slow introduction to cats. She is only about a year old and seems very sweet in her video. She is ID#35027. Shockley also seems calm in his video.  He came into the shelter with two other dogs (both female) and he is nervous at the shelter. He would love a quiet, loving home where he could get the attention he loves. There is more information about Shockley on his Facebook post. He is only about a year old and under 50 pounds. He is ID#35027.

Granger’s video  shows a calm, slobbery guy. Granger is young, and he could get along with some other dogs, but he seems to be an alpha dog, so he would do better with submissive dogs. Granger should not live with cats. The picture on Granger’s Facebook post is adorable — he’s looking at the camera with a quizzical expression on his face. Granger is ID#35005.

Both Hannah and Camper need to be only dogs. Neither of them get along with other animals, and that makes them very much at risk at the shelter. Most people who adopt or foster dogs have other pets at home. Fostering a dog who can’t get along with other animals is difficult and best left to experts. On the other hand, those who just want one pet would be doing a wonderful thing by adopting a dog who needs to be an only pet.
Camper is ID#34961 Camper’s video  shows that his tail wags nonstop. While he may not like other animals, he sure likes getting his head petted! Hannah’s video shows that she was excited with all the barking around her, yet she was gentle, and her tail wagged while getting petted. There is more information on her Facebook post. She is only two years old and under 50 pounds.

Please share the plight of these many dogs. All their lives are at risk. If you can help or need more information, do not comment on this article. Visit the Facebook page of the volunteers and PM them with questions. If you cannot take a dog, pledging helps, especially for the dog who is heartworm positive. Thank you for sharing this — it does help save lives!



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