No Christmas Miracle for Princess; ‘No-kill’ shelter killed her 5 days before Christmas


Princess was abandoned by her family at a county shelter just weeks before Christmas. Rescuers on Facebook were working frantically trying to save her. Because Miami Dade Animal Services proclaims that they are “no-kill” and that they keep animals for months if that’s what it takes to get them homes, rescuers probably thought they had some time.

But after less than two weeks at the shelter, just five days before Christmas, those who make life-and-death decisions at MDAS decided that Princess’ time was up — even though she had been at the shelter for less than two weeks!

Princess’ Facebook post said:

Princess #A1816111 owner surrender, attention seeking, friendly, pawing at kennel door. Reactive to barking dogs and joins in their loud cacophony. Pod I in the rear Miami Dade Animal Services



Commenters on a thread trying to save her wrote: “When that girl went there today she said there were a lot of cages empty and I was reading princesses thread looks like she was adopted back on October 28 and then dumped back there on December 10.” and “Omg!!! They are out of control murderers !!!!!! I feel there’s more they never kill just one I don’t understand why!!!!!!

Princess was failed by so many, including her family and those who work at the shelter and didn’t give her time to get networked and rescued. She was failed by those in Miami who refuse to implement the Pet’s Trust Initiative (which would sterilize thousands of animals, resulting in fewer animals at the shelter). The volunteers did not fail her. They tried to save her. And they are heartbroken.


‘Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek’ by Curtis Jobling: Scary sequel in the ‘Max Helsing’ series


“Max Helsing and the Beast of Bone Creek” is Curtis Jobling’s latest monster book. It’s the sequel to “Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse,” the first in the middle grade series. This time, Max and his friend Syd are taking the summer off, abandoning their monster-hunting to relax at summer camp. Or are they?

Where Max goes, trouble is sure to follow. But this time, Max ends up in a camp in the middle of a forest filled with magical creatures. The legendary Bigfoot is the least of his concerns. And is Bigfoot the mysterious “Monster of Bone Creek”?

When a couple disappear very mysteriously one night, and then there are more disappearances, the campers grow worried, and the media descends on the campground. But Max has met some of the magical creatures, and they are not dangerous — but perhaps in danger themselves.

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‘Strikeout of the Bleacher Weenies’ by David Lubar is filled with quirky, creepy tales for kids


“Strikeout of the Bleacher Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales” is by prolific author David Lubar. He alternates between writing for middle grade readers and young adult readers and is able to shape his writing to best suit each age group.

In his “Weenies” series, he compiles groups of short stories that range in subject matter, including: a time traveling baseball game to a Mayan game where the winners are sacrificed; a girl whose face causes instant death once seen — for an unusual reason; dreams that don’t go the way they should; a magic performance that certainly doesn’t end as it should; another magic performance that does; and lots more warped (really, it’s even in the title!), weird, wacky and wild tales that middle grade students will adore.

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‘A Blind Guide to Normal’ by Beth Vrabel is a touching middle grade novel about tragedy, friendship, family and humor


In “A Blind Guide to Normal,” Beth Vrabel investigates the scars that events leave on lives, the scars that we see as well as the ones that we can’t see but which are just as painful.

In “A Blind Guide to Normal,” Richie Ryder Randolf and his mother move in with his grandfather when his father gets a job researching buffalo in a remote part of Alaska where there are no schools for Ryder to attend. Ryder and his mother move to Washington, DC, into the house in which his father grew up.

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‘Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel’ by Chris Grabenstein is a funny, clever middle grade mystery


“Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel” is by Chris Grabenstein, the popular middle grade author of “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” and “Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics.” In this new novel, Grabenstein tells the story of P. T. Wilkie, a middle school teller of tall tales.

P. T. lives with his grandfather and his mother at the family motel in Florida. His grandfather is a very quirky character. He created the Wonderland Motel in St. Petersburg, Florida, as a theme park with rides and exhibits. Unfortunately for the grandfather (and the family), another theme park opened shortly after and became much more popular. It was called Disneyland.

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‘Jingle: A Swindle Mystery’ by Gordon Korman is a perfect middle grade Christmas story


Better than “A Christmas Carol,” better than “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is “Jingle” by Gordon Korman. Why? Because it’s filled with not only sneaky-but-very-clever children, it’s also filled with funny ferrets and daring Dobermans. (Only one of each, actually.)

Like the other adventures in the “Swindle” series, this one features Griffin Bing, the “man with the plan;” his narcoleptic friend Ben with his service ferret; “Pitch,”their extremely athletic, mountain-climbing friend; Logan, the aspiring actor; Melissa, the computer genius; and Savannah, the girl with the Doberman, the monkey, the cat, and an assortment of other furry (and not-so-furry) animals.

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‘A Million Worlds With You’ by Claudia Gray: Last in the Firebird trilogy


“A Million Worlds With You” is the last book in the “Firebird” trilogy by Claudia Gray that started with “A Thousand Pieces of You,” and continued with “Ten Thousand Skies Above You.” The trilogy ends just as beautifully as it began.

Marguerite is an artist who grew up in a family of scientists. She is the odd one out, but her family is wonderful and loving. Her parents are immersed in science, and Josie is an adventure-loving, brilliant older sister. Two of her parents’ graduate students, Theo and Paul, are practically part of the family.

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‘Bailey’s Story: A Dog’s Purpose Novel’ by W. Bruce Cameron Is Perfect for Reading in Preparation for the Movie


For anyone who has ever loved and lost a dog, “A Dog’s Purpose” is a bestselling novel that will capture your heart. “Bailey’s Story: A Dog’s Purpose Novel” is one of the many stories W. Bruce Cameron wrote in “A Dog’s Purpose,” which is coming to the big screen in January, 2017. Continue reading

Dog friendly in shelter video to be killed for “aggression” according to shelter


Update: Lester was rescued! Those who helped make sure that instead of being killed, Lester will be safe with a rescue said that social media helped get Lester extra time and saved his life!!

Volunteers and animal rescuers are furious that Lester, a male dog at Miami Dade Animal Services is on the euthanasia list for aggression. They have posted a video of Lester in a kennel with another dog, both apparently wagging their tails at passersby. This does not appear to be a dog who is aggressive to other dogs. Continue reading