Court case puppy urgently needs rescue from crowded kill shelter


Photo by Alice Chow

Mickey was rescued! He is safe.

Micky is just a puppy. He should be learning house manners, going to obedience school, getting treats and long walks. Instead, he is living in a concrete kennel.

mickyMicky is described as a “big, goofy, baby.” He was brought to the San Bernardino City Shelter because of a court case, but he has lived in a concrete kennel for two months. Micky has been there since he was five months old, and in spite of his incarceration, he is sweet and playful. Like most puppies, he is mouthy, but he gives licks just as often.

Alice Chow, who took some wonderful pictures of Micky wrote: “Micky is only a puppy and he’s full of energy and life. He just needs training. I visit him everyday and tell him to be a good boy.” The thought of this sweet, rambunctious puppy being killed without ever having known a loving home is making her cry.

Micky knows “sit,” and he is very treat motivated. While a trainer is working with him in one of the videos, Micky’s tail never stops wagging. He is very eager to please. Micky loves other dogs, too.

Unfortunately, those in charge at the shelter, in their infinite wisdom, decided that because Micky nips (like most puppies!), he is rescue only. In spite of several adoption offers, he can only be pulled by rescue. And that has not happened yet. The volunteers are worried that unless Micky finds rescue quickly, he will  be killed.

Micky urgently needs people to read his story and watch his sweet videos. He urgently needs someone to offer to foster. Someone in California.

There is more information on his Facebook thread including how to foster. His current status will be on his Petharbor page.

Mickey is ID #A498697. He has been available since October 20. He is listed as a Lab/mastiff mix. He is at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA. The shelter is closed Sunday and Monday. The telephone number is (909) 384-1304.

Please note that I do not work at the shelter. Do not post pledges or offers to adopt in the comments — they will not be seen by the shelter. Contact the shelter directly to help, or visit the Facebook threads for more information. Also, only respectful, profanity-free comments will be approved.

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