No Christmas Miracle for Princess; ‘No-kill’ shelter killed her 5 days before Christmas


Princess was abandoned by her family at a county shelter just weeks before Christmas. Rescuers on Facebook were working frantically trying to save her. Because Miami Dade Animal Services proclaims that they are “no-kill” and that they keep animals for months if that’s what it takes to get them homes, rescuers probably thought they had some time.

But after less than two weeks at the shelter, just five days before Christmas, those who make life-and-death decisions at MDAS decided that Princess’ time was up — even though she had been at the shelter for less than two weeks!

Princess’ Facebook post said:

Princess #A1816111 owner surrender, attention seeking, friendly, pawing at kennel door. Reactive to barking dogs and joins in their loud cacophony. Pod I in the rear Miami Dade Animal Services



Commenters on a thread trying to save her wrote: “When that girl went there today she said there were a lot of cages empty and I was reading princesses thread looks like she was adopted back on October 28 and then dumped back there on December 10.” and “Omg!!! They are out of control murderers !!!!!! I feel there’s more they never kill just one I don’t understand why!!!!!!

Princess was failed by so many, including her family and those who work at the shelter and didn’t give her time to get networked and rescued. She was failed by those in Miami who refuse to implement the Pet’s Trust Initiative (which would sterilize thousands of animals, resulting in fewer animals at the shelter). The volunteers did not fail her. They tried to save her. And they are heartbroken.


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