Young dog can’t stop shaking at shelter; he’s on the kill list for tomorrow morning


Buster’s owner commented about him on his Facebook thread. She was heartbroken at giving him up (please, no negative comments). Here is what she wrote:

Buster was not surrendered for growling at a child – in fact he was never even in the vicinity of a child in his new home – the shelter notes are wrong. He was surrendered because he could not get along with our other dog. We tried everything we could for 5 months using positive reinforcement to break him of starting fights with our other dog – we even took them both to a trainer but Buster just would not quit – and most of it seemed to be him thinking he was protecting me which I read is a very common trait of a black mouth cur. I don’t know much about his history before me but his scars tell a story of abuse. He was terrified and shook the first few days he was with us too but warmed up and was house trained within a few weeks. He’s very smart and very loveable and it broke my heart to take him back Before you start with the insults please know that I sincerely love this dog and it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. My other dog is much larger and Buster always came out of the altercation with minor injuries – I wrote a nice note on the paperwork that was given to the shelter when he was brought in hoping someone would adopt him quickly. I miss him terribly but I don’t miss the dog fights – maybe he will do better with another dog – we have a third smaller dog he got along with just fine. I will gladly pay the adoption fees and/or make a cash donation to anyone willing to rescue my Buster and give him the loving home he deserves.

It’s great to know he didn’t growl at a child. He is a wonderful dog who gets along with smaller dogs and loves people. He did have some interest, but he is not out of the shelter yet.

Buster is terrified to be back at the county shelter again — and now he’s on the like to be killed tomorrow as soon as his kennel is needed. The volunteers are heartbroken. They fell in love with Buster when he was at the shelter originally.

When he was adopted, they were thrilled that this sweet, happy dog would have a loving home. He had come into the shelter with several other dogs and they noted then that he showed no aggression. Now, though, he can’t stop shaking. 

Someone wrote on his notes that:

Dog was timid when I approached. Kept tail tucked, trembling. I knelt down in the back of the kennel and he slowly walked over with his head down and placed himself in my lap with his back to me and continued shaking. He is very fearful being here. I was able to pet and handle him with no issues besides his constant shaking. Placing on Find Rescue as he may do better outside of this environment.

Buster is only three years old. He is listed as a black-mouth cur mix. He may do better in a home with no small children, but often people surrender dogs and make up reasons if they don’t have a good one. Buster has not had much of a chance at a good life. He needs an adopter or foster who will give him the time to decompress and get used to being in a home.

Please share Buster’s story. He needs to be saved before 9:00 am tomorrow, September 7, 2016. If you can save Buster, send an email to and by 9:00 am tomorrow. In the subject line write: DO NOT EUTH Buster ID#A1663328. In the body of the email state your contact information. You must be able to pick Buster up by 3:00 pm.

There may be more information on Buster’s Facebook thread. His current status might be on his PetHarbor page. He is at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, 440 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa, FL 33619. The phone number is 813-744-5660. The shelter is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Dogs like Buster are killed in shelters every day. A medium-sized brown dog — there’s several in every county shelter. Each one deserves to be noticed, and each one deserves to be loved. The volunteers at Rescue Me Tampa and the shelter workers give the dogs a little bit of love while they are there. Buster has only been at the shelter for less than a week this time.

Please note: respectful, profanity-free comments will be approved. If you are interested in saving this dog, email the shelter. Do not respond here! I do not work with the shelter.

21 thoughts on “Young dog can’t stop shaking at shelter; he’s on the kill list for tomorrow morning

    • Because when there is no more room in the kennels because of the overpopulation and irresponsible owners, there is no choice. No county shelter can just build more and more kennels. People need to spay and neuter their animals and be responsible. People need to adopt instead of buying at pet stores and from breeders.


      • Find a way . do not be heartless. It’s a life and can not speak for himself. Would you like someone to do that to your kids or family member because they we in a hospital too long


  1. Pls. let’s give Buster a chance to survive. Someone out there is his perfect match. He just needs more time. I pledge $20 to a reputable rescue. Pls. post pic& update. Pm me to honor pledge.


  2. Regarding Buster and the comments that were written by whomever at the shelter. Sounds like the person is rather over zealous in their “writing skills.” Maybe another Hemingway wanna be. Shame on you!


    • I’m not sure which notes you are referring to. The shelter notes were brief and simply stated he was friendly but didn’t stop shaking. The longer note on FB from the previous owner was a passionate attempt to clear Buster’s “record” from the charge that he didn’t like small children. Perhaps you could clarify your comment as to why either of those notes deserve a “Shame on you” charge — both were simply attempts to get Buster’s life saved.


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