‘I Love Rescue Vehicles’ and ‘I Love Construction Vehicles’


These two kits include everything needed to keep a youngster occupied for hours and hours. “I Love Rescue Vehicles” includes a book about rescue vehicles with great graphics, reusable stickers, a huge poster of a fire engine, pieces to build a fire station, and a model fire truck. Add in “I Love Construction Vehicles” and you’ll have a child who will be entertained for even longer.


The actual fire engine that’s included is lightweight, but the beauty of the kit is that it’s something that kids can build themselves, they can use the fire station with other small vehicles, and they can learn about rescue vehicles from the book.

Both sets would be a great gift for a new baby or a birthday. Don’t think boys-only, either. Girls might enjoy putting together the fire station and construction site and planning their future house.

There’s even a cardboard dog to put together — everything’s been thought of and included in these kits.IMG_7758

In this day of electronic amusement and fascination with electronic games, it’s refreshing to see an activity that kids can do on their own, building something with their hands, and using their own creativity to play with.

Please note: This review is based on the kits provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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