‘Survivor Girl’ by Erin Teagan is a middle grade story which proves that survival is not just about staying alive; a student review

survival girl.jpg

“Survivor Girl” by Erin Teagan is so good you will not stop reading it, and when you are done, you will want a sequel. Alison, the main character, has mixed feelings about her dad. She learns things about him that disappoint her, but she also learns aspects of herself that help her in life-threatening situations. If you want a good and intriguing page-turner, flip to the first page of “Survivor Girl.” Be prepared for adventure!

At the beginning of the book, the reader learns that Alison’s parents are divorced. Her dad is the star of the hit survival show “Survivor Guy.” Lately, he has been taking Alison’s brother Jake on the show to play Survivor Guy’s son. When her dad and Jake come back from shooting an episode, it is the dad’s turn to watch Alison and her brother since their mom is going out of town.

Alison’s mom is overprotective and her dad is the fun one, therefore Alison is excited to be with her dad for the week. Her dad realizes that he has to shoot the final episode of the season, so he decides to bring Alison and Jake to the Great Dismal Swamp where it is going to be filmed.

Although the show’s motto states that it is just Survivor Guy, a camera, and miles and miles of wilderness, Alison finds that this is not true. There are all sorts of things she did not know about:  crew, a set, her dad’s stunt double, a chef, and expensive camping trailers.

Alison is not sure what to think about her dad. She loves him and his show, but he and the director are making her out to be the weak character that everyone has to help. They even hire a stunt double because she cannot do the tricks, like climbing a tree, they want her to do.

Then, there is a wildfire in the swamp, and Alison and two other kids miss the escape helicopters. Alison and the other two have to learn to survive, and they need to hurry. The fire has gone underground, but it could come above ground at any moment. Will they escape in time? Can Alison prove that she is a true survivor?

This book is great for action/adventure-lovers of various ages. Primarily 4th and 5th graders will adore it, but almost anyone who picks this book up will not be able to put it down.

Teagan’s writing brings adventure to the next level with this exciting novel. This is a good read for reluctant readers because of the action and adventure.

Reviewed by Jamie L.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by Clarion Books, the publisher, for review purposes.

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