Four picture books about work vehicles, on land and on sea, that kids will love

“Little Yellow Truck” is by prolific and talented author Eve Bunting and illustrated by little yellow truckKevin Zimmer with a bright cheerful palette. It’s the story of a red dump truck, a green flatbed truck, a blue concrete mixer, and a little yellow pickup truck, all working together to build a children’s park. Little Yellow waits impatiently as the other trucks carry away trash, mix concrete, and bring in lumber. Then Big Green brings in the swings and slides, benches and tables. What will there be left for Little Yellow to do? Don’t worry, Little Yellow has an important job to make the park just perfect! Zimmer manages to create great expressions on the vehicles and kids will love the story of the little guy, worrying and impatient, who finally gets to do his job. (Sleeping Bear Press)

“Diggersaurs” by Michael Whaite is a picture book that kids who like construction diggersaursvehicles will love, and adults will love to read. The rhyming lines are wonderfully clever, and the meter is done just perfectly! Each of the dozen machines is numbered, making this also a counting book, and each machine is a different beautiful color, making it also a book about colors. The combination of fabulous lyrical text and wonderful illustrations that make the huge machines really also look like different dinosaurs make this a book that should be on every library bookshelf and in every little boy (and construction-loving girl’s) library. (Random House Books for Young Readers)

construction workerAnother book for kids who love reading about construction is “This is the Construction Worker” by Laura Godwin and illustrated by Julian Hector. What makes this book stand out from other picture books about construction workers is that the title construction worker is a woman. The reader first meets her in her kitchen, getting ready for her day by having breakfast with her cat eating on the floor next to the table. Her boots, vest and hat are ready to be donned. As she puts on her safety equipment, the text names each one, and finally she is dressed for the day! The author shares information about all the equipment and people on the construction site in rhyming text. “This is the beam. This is the space. This is the crane that will hoist it in place.” It’s fun to read aloud, and the bright yellows and oranges are nicely contrasted with cool blues to make reading it a visual treat. Preorder now – due out May, 2019. (Disney-Hyperion)

“Harbor Bound” by Catherine Bailey and illustrated by Ellen Shi is the perfect bedtime read for boat lovers as different kinds of boats all harbor boundhead for harbor in the evening. Told in mostly two-word rhyming lines, this simple text shares basic information about different kinds of ships and boats. “Cargo ship, stacked so high. Clanking cranes scrape blue sky.” Ocean liner, dinghy, ferries, sailboats, all head for harbor for the night. And once in the harbor, in the slip, there are cleats to attach rope to, chrome to polish, floors to mop, covers to attach, and gulls to say good night to. There is a handy glossary that includes words young readers (and many adults) will not know, like “full flank,” slip” and “boom.” There’s even a jet going into its hangar for airplane fans! And at the end, everything is quiet and peaceful, just like a child’s bedroom should be at bedtime. Preorder now – due out May, 2019 (Disney-Hyperion)

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover books provided by the publishers for review purposes.


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