Spanish books for young readers / Libros en español para niños muy jovenes


Three great books for young readers who speak Spanish are “Lola quiere un gato,” “Chancho el campeón”, and the little book that’s a big mouthful, “Al bebé le encanta la ingeniería aeroespacial!” These adorable books are also available in English for those who prefer picture books in English.

“Lola quiere un gato” by Anna McQuinn with charming illustrations by Rosalind lola quiere gatoBeardshaw is the libro muy lindo about a young girl who really wants a cat. She persuades her mother by doing her research and proving that she will help care for the cat, cleverly using her stuffed animal as a model. Her mother finally agrees, and they visit the shelter and adopt (yay!) a cat. True to her word, Lola is responsible and cares for her kitty. When the new kitty arrives home, Lola knows from her research that the new kitty needs time to acclimate to her new surroundings, so Lola gives her space and is patient. And eventually, her kitty responds just the way good cats do: she cuddles with Lola, reads with Lola, plays with Lola, and is the best companion ever. (Charlesbridge Books)

“Chancho el campeón” by Aaron Blabey is another charming animal book in Spanish thatcampeon kids who habla español will adore. Chancho is a cute pug, but he’s also a real stinker. He is very competitive, but he must win. At everything. All the time. Until Chancho gets his just desserts, and then he changes. But not too much! This is a great book about sportsmanship and losing graciously. I love the lesson it teaches while still being hugely entertaining. (Scholastic en español)

aerospaceAnd for both English and Spanish speakers, “¡Al bebé le encanta la ingeniería aeroespacial!” or “Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!” by Ruth Spiro and illustrated by Irene Chan. This bilingual sturdy board book introduces young readers to the basic, very basic, physics of flying. How do birds fly? How do airplanes fly? How do rockets fly? The perfect, simple explanation to answer all baby’s questions! (Charlesbridge )

Please note: This review is based on the final books provided by the publishers for review purposes. 


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