‘The Kids’ Picture Show’ Now in Book Format: ‘Animals’ and ‘Vehicles’


“The Kids’ Picture Show” is an educational channel on YouTube for toddlers, preschoolers and even kindergarteners. It shows retro pixelated images of a variety of things sorted by type and with accompanying labels. Now, there are board books with the same pixel-heavy and labeled images: “Vehicles” and “Animals.”

The board books are durable, and the images of each section are well spaced out and on different, brightly colored backgrounds. In the “Animals” book, the first group of animals are farm animals, and included are a bull, llama, cow, hen, rooster, horse, pig, goose, sheep, turkey, duck, and goat – all on a light blue background. Other groups include pets, rainforest animals, animals under the sea, savannah animals, creepy-crawlies, and forest animals.

While the toddler I read it to loved the animals, he absolutely adored the “Vehicles” board book. Like “Animals,” the pages are grouped by type and the first grouping is trucks. The variety of trucks shown is quite extensive and includes a tractor trailer, pickup truck, snowplow, delivery truck, concrete mixer, armored car, monster truck, flatbed truck, dump truck, utility truck, garbage truck and tow truck. The images are very pixelated and all have a brightly colored solid background. Other groupings include things that fly, buses, cars, emergency vehicles, farm vehicles, and trains.

The books are great for toddlers and identification of animals and different types of vehicles, but they are also great for older kids (even kindergarteners) who will be able to start reading the labels and talking about what the different vehicles and animals do. Perfect for the classroom, these books are fairly sturdy and will stand up to a bit of mishandling.

Please note: This review is based on the final board books provided by  Penguin Workshop, the publisher, for review purposes.


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