Summer Comic Books that Will Keep You (and Your Kids) Learning: ‘Action Presidents’ Series


Shhh. Don’t tell the kids, but when they start reading and laughing out loud at the humor in the “Action Presidents #1: George Washington” and “Action Presidents #2: Abraham Lincoln,” they will be learning a bunch of history at the same time. Real history — history presented in a graphic novel format that’s humor-filled and easy-to-understand.

This teacher/reviewer learned a few new facts about each president after teaching American history for many years. The story of one slave who escaped, Oney Judge, is touching, and the book includes the dilemma Washington faced regarding the complex issue of freeing his slaves. The conflict between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson is explained in simple terms as is much of the history of that period. It’s truly fascinating to read.

Who knew that Lincoln kept important documents in his hat? Even after visiting the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois, I didn’t know that interesting tidbit. Readers young and old will learn important and even esoteric details about this slave-freeing president. And they’ll laugh while reading it.

So if you want your kids to have a great time this summer and keep reading, but you sneakily want them to learn at the same time (don’t tell them!), definitely get them this set of books. They’ll never have a better time learning about history.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover books provided by HarperCollins for review purposes.


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