Sea Creatures, Outer Space, and a Percy Jackson Coloring Book All Perfect for Last Days of Summer

Are the kids getting antsy about going back to school? Get them a drawing or coloring book to keep them busy while you and they get ready.

“Draw 50 Sea Creatures” by Lee J. Ames gives instructions for artists-in-training on how to sketch animals found in water, including crabs, clownfish, lionfish, sharks, salmon, oysters and more. The figures all begin with simple shapes and show how to add more shapes, refine those shapes, and then add details. Along with a sketchbook for practicing, it’s a perfect tool to keep kids active without watching a screen.

For those who are more interested in science than sea animals, “Draw 50 Outer Space” features 50 how-to lessons on drawing everything from astronauts to black holes and from satellites to the planets. Like the how-to book on sea creatures, this one could keep kids (or adults!) busy for weeks. (Both how-to books by Penguin Random House)


And for those who’d rather just color in than create the drawings, and those who like their coloring fantastical, “The Percy Jackson Coloring Book” is sure to fit the bill. This book will appeal most to those who have read the series, although there are hints about the drawings, including labels about which cabin is featured (Cabin 13 – Hades, for example). Drawings are by Keith Robinson, original story by Rick Riordan. (Disney-Hyperion)

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