‘Tuesday Tucks Me In’ by Luis Carlos Montalván: Picture book with a service dog


Rating: 5 stars

“Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and His Service Dog” by Luis Carlos Montalván is a lovely nonfiction picture book about a soldier and his service dog. It’s not only a tribute to our returning soldiers, it’s also a beautiful tribute to service dogs everywhere who help people in a huge variety of capacities.

In simple language that even young children will be able to understand, Tuesday, the dog,”tells” the story of how he helps Luis live an independent life. He explains that “Luis is a disabled veteran. He went to war, and he came back home in so much pain that he couldn’t live a normal life.” Tuesday goes on to explain “I even sleep with him, which helps control his nightmares.”

Tuesday explains how he helps Luis in many, many ways. Luis doesn’t like crowds, but when he can hug Tuesday on the subway, it helps. Luis’ injury has affected his balance, but when he holds onto Tuesday’s harness, he doesn’t fall. And they spend the day together — Tuesday providing comfort and Luis accepting it and making it through the day.

And after a long day, after Tuesday’s teeth are brushed (yes, the dog gets his teeth brushed, and although he’s a very intelligent dog, he can’t do that by himself), they lie down together.

The photographs are perfect for the text, and the message at the end about what Luis feels for the dog will bring tears to even the hardest of hearts. There is a note about service dogs at the end and how they help disabled veterans. Service dogs can do amazing things for people who need them.

This is a great picture book for use in the classroom. It’s a fine read aloud, but it’s also a great book for encouraging the students to research how dogs help people, different kinds of service dogs, and the regulations about service dogs and where they can go. Kids and dogs go together and most kids love reading about them.

Bret Witter collaborated on writing the story, and photographer Dan Dion is responsible for the lovely pictures.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Roaring Brook Press, for review purposes.