‘Here Comes Valentine Cat’ by Deborah Underwood: Love-ly picture book


Lovely and clever picture book

Rating: 5 stars

First there was “Here Comes the Easter Cat,” and then “Here Comes Santa Cat,” followed by “Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat” and now, “Here Comes the Valentine Cat” by Deborah Underwood with clever illustrations (very clever) by Claudia Rueda — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

To those who know Cat, it will come as no surprise that he is boycotting Valentine’s Day. Cat tends to be grumpy and this is no exception. He has no friends and is angry about the dog who has moved in next door. The whole story is told by clever signs the cat holds up with the narrator interpreting the signs.

When the narrator suggests that Cat make Dog a valentine to welcome him to the neighborhood, he doesn’t like that idea. Then a bone comes over the fence and hits cat on the head. Cat signals that Dog has thrown many bones over the fence. Finally when Dog throws a ball over the fence, it’s the last straw for Cat who then tries to think of all the ways he can get rid of Dog.

Like all the other books, Cat realizes his mistakes. And the ending will make any cat and dog lover get just a bit teary-eyed. Just a bit, mind you! These books are all great at teaching young children about right and wrong and how we can learn from our mistakes. And in this special book, perhaps children might learn that first appearances aren’t always correct and gestures can be easily misinterpreted.

And to make it a very special Valentine’s Day gift, buy “Here Comes the Tooth Fairy” as an additional gift. Together, they make a fabulous present. And with all that Valentine’s Day candy, the tooth fairy just might be paying a visit to young readers…

This is a series that should be in every primary classroom — kids love them!

Please note: this review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Dial Books, for review purposes.

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