‘The Wrong Side of Right’ by Jenn Marie Thorne: Young adult fiction

wrongsideof right

Rating: 4 stars

“The Wrong Side of Right” by Jenn Marie Thorne is one of those books that sucks the reader in to the point that the reader really wants to know what happens next. Not because it’s a thriller or a mystery, but because the main character is likable and realistic and just someone you want to know.

Kate Quinn is blindsided when her young mother is killed in an accident. She travels across the country to live with an uncle and aunt she barely knows. But her life is upended again when a famous senator, one who is running for president, shows up after the news breaks that he is her father.

Apparently, her mother had a brief affair with the senator during college which resulted in Kate’s existence. Kate never knew who her father was, and he never knew about her. But her father decides to bring her into the family, and Kate meets her stepmother and two siblings.

The story is really two, or even three, stories. It’s about Kate and her feelings as she tries to integrate into this new and very different lifestyle. How do her siblings feel about her? Is her father glad to have her in his life? What will happen with the election is over? Can she ever really fit in this new environment? Can she submerge her own thoughts and ideas to please her father?

There is also the story about the lives of those who are running for high office and their families. What they go through. How the frenetic pace affects them. All the behind-the-scenes stuff that really is fascinating. And while Kate’s father is the Republican candidate, she has many friends from her Los Angeles neighborhood who are undocumented immigrants. How can she pretend to agree with her father’s hard stance on immigration? How can she help to change his ideas? And is the title a clever play on the politics of the right?

When Kate meets and falls for Andy, the current President’s son, things get tricky. Andy’s father is the Democratic nominee for President. Can they date without causing a national uproar?

The story is well written and beautifully told. It’s thoughtful but also a quick read. It will certainly garner Jenn Marie Thorne a body of fans for her future books.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Dial books for review purposes.