‘My Pet Human’ by Yasmine Surovec: Clever book for middle grade readers


Rating: 4 stars

“My Pet Human” by Yasmine Surovec isn’t exactly a graphic novel even through every page is filled with drawings. But it’s also not a typical chapter book with lots of text and few illustrations. It’s truly a combination, and it’s a story (and format) that will appeal to young readers and even older readers who love cats.

The story is clever, and very cat-ish. The first person narrator introduces himself by saying, “I’m a lucky cat. I live a carefree life.” And he explains that he isn’t tied down like other cats, and he loves it that way. He has rules to follow, like knowing the good places to eat in town. He also has a good hiding spot from the dog (and cat) catcher. It’s a tree across from an empty house on the corner. He also has trustworthy friends, including a dog, another cat and even a small mouse named George.

The cat explains to his friends why it’s so hard to find a pet human. He’s very picky and any pet human must: give him lots of treats, give him back rubs, have plenty of boxes to play with, be lots of fun, and a few more. He doesn’t believe the perfect human exists.

When a family moves into the empty house across from his tree, the cat decides to investigate — especially after he smells tuna through the conveniently open window. What ensues will charm even the most curmudgeonly reader. Of course, there is a happy ending but not before a bit of drama.

This is a book that cat lovers will enjoy, and it might just turn a few dog lovers into cat lovers (or at least cat-appreciators). It’s a wonderful combination of text and drawings. “My Pet Human” is also a great classroom addition and would be a wonderful read aloud.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Roaring Brook Press for review purposes.