‘The Fate of Ten’ by Pittacus Lore: 6th book in the ‘I Am Number Four’ series

fate of 10

Rating: 4 stars

“The Fate of Ten” is the sixth book in the series that began with “I Am Number Four” by mysterious author (and character) Pittacus Lore. He is one of the Elders from Lorien, the planet that was destroyed by the Mogadorians led by a former Elder from Lorien, Setrákus Ra. Now Setrákus Ra has set his sights on Earth, and his troops have destroyed cities in his determination to gain control over the planet.

But the Legacies are spreading to humans, and he may be getting more than he bargained for when the Lorien teenagers who are still alive and fighting him are joined by others. Sam, John’s (Number Four) best friend, gained his power at the end of the last book, “The Revenge of Seven.” They were joined by Adam, a Mogadorian who hates Setrákus Ra and everything he stands for.

In this book, John comes to some realizations about his Legacy that will change the balance of power in the future books in the series. As with all the books in the series, the action is nonstop. Not all the kids from Lorien are on the same side, and there is the problem with Ella. She is one of them, but she is also the great-granddaughter of Setrákus Ra, and he is determined to keep her close.

The real author of the books could be any of the many anonymous writers who are employed by James Frey, famous for his publication of the “memoir” “A Million Little Pieces.” His company, Full Fathom Five, employs ghostwriters who write young adult books that will have commercial appeal. This series does that, certainly, and several of the books in the series have spent time on bestseller lists.

This is not a stand-alone book and readers must have read the previous stories to know what is happening. But for those who have not yet begun this action-packed, science fiction, middle grade series, it’s a chance to start a new reading adventure. Strap yourself into your favorite seat because you are in for a rocky ride! Enjoy.

“The Power of Six” is the second in the series; “The Rise of Nine” is the third; “The Fall of Five” is the fourth; and “The Revenge of Seven” is the fifth.

Please note: This review is based on the paperback book provided by the publisher, HarperCollins for review purposes.