‘Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning’ by Richard Paul Evans: middle grade series

sotrm of lightning

Rating: 4 stars

“Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning” by Richard Paul Evans is the fifth book in the series of seven books. The series is about a group of teenagers who were accidentally mutated when newborn so that they all have unique abilities — all related to electricity. Hence their name: the Electroclan.

Michael Vey is the main character and he is the character who leads the others, including some friends who are not electrically endowed. In this book, they have thwarted the enemy, the Elgen, but not vanquished them (of course). At the beginning of the story, Michael and the others are attempting to visit the ranch where some of them, including Michael’s mother, were living. It’s where several parents were staying when the ranch was attacked by the Elgen.

Concurrently, the story narrates what is happening with those electrical teenagers who have been working with the Elgen, specifically Quentin, who has been given the most preferential treatment by Admiral General Hatch — the evilest of evil guys ever created in a children’s novel. (A bit of hyperbole, there, perhaps.) Hatch decides to discipline one of his assistants who makes a mistake in the fourth book. This person is Quentin’s mentor and father-figure. (Spoiler alert: Quentin helps his friend and Hatch finds out.)

The Elgen have a devious and evil plan in story for a small island country. What they do when they take over the country is not for the faint-of-heart to read. It’s pretty gruesome.

Will Michael Vey and his group be able to conquer the Elgen? Certainly not in the next (sixth) book. But Evans manages to keep the excitement going and the pages turning. Will the “evil” members of the Electroclan join with Vey and his group? Stay tuned.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Simon Pulse for review purposes.