‘Animals Welcome’ by Peg Kehret: A must-read book for anyone who loves animals

animals welcome

Rating: 5 stars

Animals Welcome” is award-winning Peg Kehret’s book about her life with animals. Readers who are fans know that almost all of her books include animals — and some even have animal main characters! It’s obvious that she loves animals, and she makes no secret of the fact that she is involved in rescue in her home state of Washington.

This book may be one of her most touching stories because it comes from the heart — and Peg Kehret has a big heart. Although it receives a “Kramer” rating of 5 stars, I wish with all my heart I could add a few for this book. Not only did it leave me in tears, I actually get teary just remembering what she wrote.

The story isn’t fancy. There is no mystery, no twist at the end. It’s just simple and sweet. In it, she admits to mistakes she’s made in her efforts to help animals. And, of course, anyone in animal rescue will tell you about mistakes they’ve made. (I still regret letting that feral mama out of the trap when I couldn’t abide her struggling.) Peg made mistakes, and she reflects honestly on them.

The book also illustrates Peg Kehret’s humility. She doesn’t boast or brag. She just tells the stories; stories about dogs, cats, elk, bear, deer, and even ‘possums. She talks about the ones she could save and the ones she couldn’t.

She wrestles with the moral dilemma about turning in a poacher who is a neighbor. She does the right thing (for the animals, not the poacher).

In short, after you read this book, Peg Kehret may become your hero (I know she became mine). She’s not just a fantastic children’s book author — she’s a fabulous person.