‘I Am Amelia Earhart’ by Brad Meltzer: ‘Ordinary People Change the World’

amelia earheart

Rating: 5 stars

In his new children’s nonfiction series, “Ordinary People Change the World,” Brad Meltzer includes “I Am Amelia Earhart.” Girls love reading about inspiring women who didn’t conform to the expectations of society, and Amelia Earhart is no exception.

Even as a very young girl, she refused to play with dolls, and the Earhart of this book narrates in first person how she wanted adventure and she wanted to fly. She did whatever she had to to learn to fly, and then she dared to do what no one else had done. She broke the record for crossing the Atlantic, and she broke the record for flying at the highest altitude.

As he did in “I Am Abraham Lincoln,” Meltzer closes the narration with a page that sums up Earhart’s indomitable spirit. He writes: “I am Amelia Earhart. I know no bounds. And I hope you’ll remember that the greatest flight you’ll ever take is the one no one has tried before.”

The next two pages include a quote from Earhart and several photos of her from childhood on.

This biography fills a much-needed niche for nonfiction books for young readers. The illustrations are geared for younger readers, with the children illustrated with huge heads. And even though there are adults drawn more realistically, Christopher Eliopoulos, the illustrator, keeps the main character a kid throughout the stories.

For teachers looking for books to use when creating lessons for Common Core State Standards, this book, and the others in the series, are must-haves. (JK)

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Dial Books for Young Readers for review purposes.