‘A Field Guide to Identification: Effin’ Birds’ by Aaron Reynolds is a wonderful gift for a fowl-mouthed friend (sic)


With his witty and extremely vulgar book, “Effin’ Birds,” Aaron Reynolds takes daring language to a new level. Don’t get this for a friend who is easily offended by the random four-letter word. This book has four-letter words on each and every page. In fact, on one of the pages with the least foul words is the text, “This is a big frigging waste of energy.” “Frigging” being the euphemism for the word that is liberally sprinkled elsewhere. Elsewhere everywhere.

The illustrations are lovely and include some by Audubon. Yes, John James Audubon. And Thomas Berwick. The accompanying humorous text is not lovely and not by those gentlemen. The combination is fabulous. Have a bad day? Open the book to a random page, read the text, and laugh. It’s a pretty simple process.

One page features a lovely yellow-headed bird called the spotted do-nothing. “Habitat: Often found moaning in the comments under political articles, though they also appear with regularity wherever millennials are mentioned. Identifying Characteristics: No conception of their part in making the world worse, and no suggestions for how to make it better.” Sarcastic, brilliant, and hip — filled with commentaries about people, er, birds with fabulous names.

It’s not the kind of book you can leave on a coffee table if you have young children who can read or easily-offended friends. But it is the perfect gift for that person who is difficult to shop for and likes a dirty joke and a laugh.

Check it out! Don’t, whatever you do, read it aloud in public!

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by the publisher, Ten Speed Press, for review purposes.

2 thoughts on “‘A Field Guide to Identification: Effin’ Birds’ by Aaron Reynolds is a wonderful gift for a fowl-mouthed friend (sic)

  1. I’m not a bird watcher or anything, but the idea of curse words with bird pictures cracks me up… I may get it just for that reason. Actually, I bet my father-in-law would love it too. Sorry to ramble. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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