‘Such a Perfect Wife’ by Kate White is a great addition to the thrilling Bailey Weggins murder mystery series

such a perfect

In “Such a Perfect Wife,” author Kate White’s main character, Bailey Weggins, not Wiggins, is on the scene of another complex murder. This one is in the Adirondack area of New York, on scenic Lake George, where beautiful Shannon Blaine takes off for her usual morning jog and disappears.

Bailey arrives as the search is ongoing. She talks with the family and the volunteers, and she begins to investigate what might have happened. Soon she receives a creepy phone call from someone who gives her a tip that leads to her finding not only Shannon’s body, but more grisly remains. Bailey had befriended a local reporter, and together they made the grim find.

After realizing that it must have been the killer who contacted her, Bailey is more determined than ever to find the killer. Clue leads to clue, and she will let nothing stop her, including putting herself in danger to get to the truth.

There are many possible solutions in this story, from the usual suspect, the husband, to many other fascinating figures. Could it be the strange motel manager who seemed to be unnaturally obsessed with Shannon and watched her run by his motel every morning except Sundays when she was at church? Could it be the church deacon who seemed vague about the reason Shannon began attending church several months previously after years away from the church? What about a cheating husband who might have been protecting his marriage?

White gives the readers many clues about what is going on, and it’s the reader’s job to unravel the tangled web to figure out who really did it. The twist comes at the end, and while it’s a surprise, White carefully has created a path to the truth that observant and perspicacious readers might just have seen.

Lovely writing and solid characters with lots of arrows pointing in different directions make this a fabulous and engrossing read.

This review originally posted on Bookreporter.com.

Please note: This review is based on the final, paperback book provided by the publisher, Harper, for review purposes.

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