‘The Curious Cats Spy Club’ Super Sleuth Set by Linda Joy Singleton is a lovely middle grade mystery series

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Middle grade readers will adore “The Curious Cat Spy Club” series by Linda Joy Singleton. It’s a series about three middle school kids, two girls and a boy, who get together in the first book to rescue three kittens they accidentally find abandoned in a plastic bag in a dumpster. These three kids happen to be especially talented, each in a different way, and each of their talents is needed in order to solve the mystery of who abandoned the kittens, and where they came from.

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‘Caught in Time’ by Julie McElwain is the third novel in the Kendra Donovan mystery series

caught in time

“Caught in Time” by Julie McElwain is a thrilling action mystery featuring Kendra Donovan, an FBI agent who was thrown into the past, to 1815 Regency England. It’s a far cry from the 21st century and her life as a profiler for the FBI, but in each of the three Kendra Donovan mystery novels, Donovan manages to get embroiled in a murder, and she’s the best chance at getting the real culprit found.

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‘Just Once’ by Lori Handeland Is a Love Story About Sacrifice and Forgiveness

just once

With “Just Once,” author Lori Handeland creates the ultimate love triangle. It’s about a man who loves two women, marries, abandons and cheats on one; marries the other; then forgets the over-two-decades of marriage and returns to the first wife after a work trip.

Charley is a woman’s dream. He’s rugged, handsome, talented, and incredibly in love with Frankie, or “Fancy,” as he calls her. Both are photographers, but Charley travels the world in search of the perfect photos, spending just days at home before setting out on the next overseas adventure. Frankie is content to wait for him to come home, knowing that he’s devoted to her; besides, she’s happy with her professional life in Wisconsin.

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