‘An Easy Death’ by Charlaine Harris is the first in a new exciting paranormal series

an easy death

“An Easy Death” is by acclaimed author Charlaine Harris, who wrote the fabulous Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s the first in a new series featuring Lizbeth Rose, a 19-year-old, determined, talented gun for hire.

The setting is an alternate United States which was forever altered when Franklin Roosevelt was assassinated before he could be sworn in. Texas has been reclaimed by Mexico, Russia (the Holy Russian Empire) has grabbed California, and Canada has taken over many of the northern states. Native Americans have claimed their ancestral land which had been stolen from them. The only part of the actual United States that’s left is really poor, and those who live there have a hard life. Farmers hoping to get to a safer and better place to live must hire gunslingers to ensure their safety as they journey to a different place.

Lizbeth Rose had a team, her crew, but they were murdered after a skirmish with bandits while escorting farmers to safety. She gets the farmers to their destination, and makes it home when two grigoris, or wizards, hire her to help them find another wizard, Oleg Karkarov, who they think is a descendant of Rasputin. They need to find a descendant of Rasputin to help their czar, who has inherited the deadly disease hemophilia. Lizbeth Rose doesn’t tell them that she killed Oleg, but she does inform them that he’s dead. They set off to find Oleg’s brother instead.  What the reader finds out is that Lizbeth Rose is keeping her own secret from the grigoris — a secret that could threaten her life.

Readers will love the narrator, Lizbeth Rose. She’s tough and determined to get the job done. The altered world she lives in is fascinating and cleverly conceived, but it’s far from a beautiful world. It’s easy to fall into this alternate world and be immersed in the story.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by Saga Press, the publisher, for review purposes.


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