‘Little Do We Know’ by Tamara Ireland Stone

little do we know

“Little Do We Know” by Tamara Ireland Stone begins as a typical young adult story about two formerly best friends who are no longer speaking to each other. Emory and Hannah have lived next door to each other practically since they were in diapers, and they have been best friends all that time.

But now, in their senior year of high school, they are not speaking. And the reader doesn’t know why. The story is told in first person narrative through Hannah and Emory’s voices, and it’s riveting. While the girls have been best friends, they are very different.

Hannah doesn’t go to Emory’s pubic high school. Rather, she attends the very Christian Evangelical school that her father runs. But her faith has been shaken, and she’s not sure what her future will bring. Emory is in love with her boyfriend, Luke, and determined to make every moment with him count before they separate after high school by going to different colleges. She’s also in the middle of her mother’s wedding planning and, for reasons the reader will eventually find out, not happy about it.

The story is beautifully told with just the right amount of information delivered at the right time throughout the novel. Stone takes all the pieces that make up the story, and she pieces them together into a perfect quilt. It’s certainly a book the reader will not want to put down — the investment into Hannah’s and Emory’s lives is almost instant.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by Hyperion, the publisher, for review purposes.

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