‘Colorama: From Fuchsia to Midnight Blue’ by Cruschiform Is a Heavy Tome with Fascinating Information about Colors

COLORAMA von Cruschiform

You’ll not find a book more colorful than “Colorama: From Fuchsia to Midnight Blue” by Cruschiform, but inside the covers, you will find pages of color and information about such varied hues as “fawn,” lapiz lazuli,”mint diabolo,” “chlorophyll,” and even “poop.”

Art lovers, artists, children who love to paint, everyone will enjoy leafing through thisCOLORAMA 2 book, which is much more than just a book with different colored pages. On every page for each color is a short text describing the color or just how its name came about:

“SKY BLUE: Bright blue seems to adorn the sky on a cloudless day. But this color is actually an optical illusion. When the sun’s rays pierce through the atmosphere, they are sent in all directions by different molecules, each one appearing as either a violet or blue beam. Hence, we see the sky as a bluish color. Sky blue shades can vary depending on the position of the sun, the climate and the season of the year.”

COLORAMAAs the reader looks at the book, the page on the right is filled with color while the opposite page has text and an illustration that portrays either something about the color or about the explanation regarding the color’s name.

It’s not a book that someone will necessarily read from front to back or all at one sitting, but rather a book to keep on a coffee table or work desk. It’s a book to leaf through and enjoy as one might a delicious cup of tea. It’s better sipped over a time than gulped down in one sitting.

Perfect as a gift for art-lovers of any age.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover, very colorful book provided by Prestel Junior, the publisher, for review purposes.


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