‘The Traitor’s Game’ by Jennifer A. Nielsen Is Thrilling Fantasy with Surprises to Spare

traitor's game

“The Traitor’s Game” is Book One in Jennifer A. Nielsen’s newest series, and it’s sure to become just as popular, just as adored as her other award-winning books. It’s the fantasy story of a kingdom with a cruel magical ruler, Lord Endrick, who seems immortal and whose viciousness is unparalleled.

Kestra Dallisor’s father is the ruler’s second in command. After a three-year exile, she starts to return home, but is kidnapped on the way by those who would overthrow the throne and take back the country of Antora. They have a specific task, and they demand that Kestra help them.

The story unfolds as Nielsen slowly reveals that one of Kestra’s kidnappers knows her. Their relationship grows as the reader learns the twists and turns that their backstory reveals.

The action never stops, so the pages keep turning. There are kidnappings, battles, arguments, dungeons, and lots of mystery. What secret was Kestra’s mother keeping until she died? Why does Kestra’s father care so little for her? And where is the fabled Olden Blade that is rumored to be the only weapon capable of killing the evil ruler of Antora?

This book will appeal to a wide range of readers: fantasy lovers, mystery addicts, thrill-seekers, and even those who like a bit of romance. Or don’t.

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover book provided by the publisher, Scholastic Books for review purposes.

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