20 Dogs in Rural Florida County Shelter Urgently Need Rescue by March 20

sebring 3:20

There are 20 dogs at the Sebring, Florida county shelter who are scheduled to be killed on Tuesday if they are not rescued or adopted before then. The volunteers are desperately trying to spread the word so that no lives are lost. Please share their story and please see if any of these dogs might work with your rescue, should you have one. The volunteers are willing to help with transport and pulling the dogs.

Note that all the dogs have the comment that they need a slow introduction to other dogs and cats. This is because shelter workers and volunteers know that when adopters are rushed and impatient, the results can be bad, so dogs get returned to the shelter. There are proper ways to introduce new dogs into a household. The internet has lots of information — just Google it. But a dog needs time to decompress from the stress of being in a shelter with many, many other dogs. Just throwing a dog into a new environment without slow introductions is taking a huge risk. And when an adopted dog is returned to the shelter, often a second “owner surrender” at that point, the shelter often doesn’t give the dog much time to find a new home. Please, no matter where you adopt from, do some research. Ask questions and take lots of time.

Cabella has a beautiful face and an adorable underbite. But she is a senior dog, aroundcabella head nine years old, so the chance that she will get adopted is slim. In her video, she looks young and seems quite interested in what is going on around her. She is an owner surrender, so someone gave up on her just at the time of her life when she deserved a soft bed and yummy treats. Instead, she was left at a kill shelter with little chance of rescue. Please share her story to give her a chance. There is more information on how to help Cabella on her Facebook post.

autumnAutumn is a lovely fawn puppy (she’s only a year old). A volunteer writes on her Facebook post: “She is approximately a year old. Loves to give kisses, but will definitely need lots of leash training and training in general. She will need a very slow introduction to other dogs and no cats.” Although the shelter says she needs lots of leash training, in her video she sits and seems to just love getting petted.

Athena is a beautiful gray dog with tipped ears and gray and white markings. During her athenashort video, her tail never stops wagging and she obviously loves getting petted. She’s a people lover, but she is dog selective and should be in a home with no cats. She is only around two or three years old and just lovely.  There is more information on how to help Athena on her Facebook post. Watch her video at this link.

Mango arrived at the shelter with Tango. Mango is petite and very, very sweet. She loves to have her neck scratched, is well behaved and laid back. Tango seems to be dog selective, although volunteers and workers are not sure if he is just being protective of Mango. Both have been neglected and deserve a chance at a decent home. See Mango’s video at this link.  Tango is very sweet, but at the shelter he has seemed to be dog reactive. The shelter workers are not sure if this is just because of the shelter environment (often dogs who are great with other dogs do not appear to be in the chaotic shelter setting), or if he is really selective. He came to the shelter with Mango. A link to his video is here.


Parker is a handsome black and white dog with unique markings. He is sweet but needs a slow introduction to other dogs, and he should be in a home with no cats. His video shows that he enjoys attention, and his tail wags throughout the video. He’s another young dog — around one year old.

FB_IMG_1519772587083Hammy arrived at the shelter severely emaciated. His Facebook post says this puppy weighed only 36 pounds but should weigh almost 60 pounds. Hammy is sweet, and his tail also wags nonstop in the video. He still needs to gain quite a bit of weight, and he’s very happy to get attention. The volunteers say he’s sweet and happy. He certainly deserves a home where he will be fed and cared for. Please help this young dog find a home where he will experience the love he was deprived of during his first year of life.


Peaches is a beautiful white spayed dog who is in the prime of her life. She’s seven years old, and it shows in her calm demeanor. Her ears stand up and she is lovely. In her video, she calmly surveys her surroundings. The shelter says Peaches needs a slow introduction to other dogs and also to cats. Apparently, Peaches didn’t know what a cat was when she saw one. There is more information about how to help Peaches on her Facebook post.

Bobby is a young brindle and white dog whose time was extended until March 20 because of his sweet personality. In his video, he seems like a calm, sweet dog who happily stood to get petted and photographed. There is more information on his Facebook post.


Letta is a young dog who will get along with other dogs with a slow introduction. She should not be in a home with cats. There is more information on her Facebook post. In her video, she is calm and curious about her surroundings.

juryJury is an adorable young pup who arrived at the shelter with several other dogs. He should not be in a home with cats. He’s sweet and full of puppy energy. He was surrendered by the owner with three other dogs, so one might assume that he gets along with other dogs. There is information on how to help this cute pup on his Facebook post.  Watch his video to see him in action.

Ruger is a puppy who came in with Jury and two other dogs. He was too scared to be rugerheadtested with the cats! This pup’s video will break your heart. He’s terribly frightened by the noise and chaos at the shelter, and his tail is tucked firmly between his legs. But in spite of his fear, it’s also obvious that he loves getting petted. He needs a home with a patient family who will let Ruger blossom at his own speed. Lots of love and food will help the process along! This pup is precious!  There is more information on his Facebook post.

countryCountry is an adorable pup (per volunteer) who does great with other dogs with a proper introduction. In his video, he’s lying next to the worker, wagging his tail as she pets him. It’s obvious that he loves getting attention. He is every bit as cute as his picture, and he seems to have a fabulous personality! However, no cats for this young fellow. There is more information on how to save Country on his Facebook page.

These are only twelve of the twenty dogs at risk and on the March 20th deadline. Please visit the Sebring Florida Urgent Page on Facebook to see the other dogs and to learn how you can help them. Please share their story. Each and every one of these dogs is sweet and adoptable. The volunteers posted on Facebook the following:

There are 24 dogs that have a deadline on Tuesday. Animal Services has been able to helpgive many extensions and no dogs have been euthanized since December. This may not be the case on Tuesday. We have been contacting rescues daily with no luck. Reality is that they are full and can not help. We need adopters to save lives. Please continue to network. Message this page if you can help save a life . Thank you!

It seems that four dogs have been rescued, so there are now 20 dogs who are urgently in need of help. Please do NOT message me about the dogs — I am not connected to the shelter. You MUST go to their Facebook page (see links above) to help them.

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