Young Florida Dogs Urgently in Need of Rescue By March 1


On Thursday, ten dogs at the Sebring Shelter in Florida will die unless they are adopted or pulled by rescue. Many of these dogs are still practically puppies. A few of the dogs should not go to homes with cats, including Ramsey, who is a volunteer favorite! Please read about them, share their story, and help them if you can. Pledging on their Facebook post helps rescues know that any medical needs will be covered. Please visit the Sebring Facebook page to see videos of the dogs, too.

Hammy is an incredibly sweet dog who arrived at the shelter horribly emaciated. He only weighs 36 pounds and he should be around 60 pounds. The volunteers say he’s sweet and happy. He certainly deserves a home where he will be fed and cared for, and where his love will be returned for the first time in his life. He’s only a year old.

Ramsey – This scared boy came in with a pregnant dog who was rescued. He is young andFB_IMG_1519772591740takes treats extremely gently. He knows how to give paw and kisses. This sweet dog is described by a volunteer as a “gentle giant.” The volunteer says, “He has no idea what a leash is and freezes when you put one on him. He needs to be picked up when taken to the play yard. To be completely honest with you, he is my favorite and is tugging at my heartstrings. I wish I could take him home, but he is no cats. I spent a lot of time with him today and he kept running up to me and rubbing on my trying to play. He is learning to trust I believe.” She is hoping that someone can take Ramsey and give this sweet, intelligent dog the loving home he deserves. Please consider adopting him or pulling him for rescue.

Autumn is only one year old. She loves to give kisses and get petted, but she will need lots of training including walking on a leash. She needs a slow introduction to dogs and should be in a home without cats.

Rusty is a sweet and quiet dog. He’s a young boy and just gets along with everyone and everything at the shelter from people to dogs and cats. He is a bit shy, but extremely sweet. He’s another youngster who would fit in almost any home, but preferably one where he will live inside with a family who will treat him with dignity and love.

Parker is a handsome black and white dog with unique markings. He is sweet but needs a slow introduction to other dogs, and he should be in a home with no cats.

Athena has been here the longest. She came in with another dog who has since been rescued. She is very dog selective and should be in a home with no cats. Athena is very sweet and loves getting attention and lots of petting from the volunteers at the shelter.

Mango arrived at the shelter with Tango. She is petite and very, very sweet. She loves to have her neck scratched. Tango seems to be dog selective, although volunteers and workers are not sure if he is just being protective of Mango. Both have been neglected and deserve a chance at a decent home.

Glacier is an adorable puppy at only 10 months. He loves his tennis ball and will fetch it over and over and over again. He drops it so that someone can throw it again. He seems to be fine with the other dogs and cats at the shelter. This youngster seems made to fit in almost any home. He would love to get a family who would return all the love he has to offer!

Buddy is a big boy who really needs the right home. The volunteers describe him as alpha and very dog selective and reactive. If another dog growls or shows dominance, Buddy will not back down. In spite of that, the volunteers really like him. His tail doesn’t stop wagging he’s so happy. He will need a special rescue to take him and work with him, but he has a lot of love to offer the right family.



Please contact the volunteers who run the Sebring, FL Urgents page on Facebook if you can help one of these dogs. They can help by providing information on how to pull the dogs and arrange for local support. Please share these dogs on social media — sharing saves lives!

Please do NOT comment below if you can save them. Those who volunteer at the shelter will not read the comments. You MUST contact them on the Facebook page. Thank you for sharing!

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