Perfect for New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier AND Lose Weight: ‘The Little Book of BIG Weight Loss: 31 Rules to Live By’


“The Little Book of BIG Weight Loss: 31 Rules to Live By” by Bernadette Fisers is a little book, but the ideas — the rules — are simple, wise, and easy to follow. The rules will also lead to healthier eating on the whole.

The rules are commonsense: Rule #1 is don’t eat sugar, especially fructose. Fisers lists many foods that are sugar under a different name, and she says about the fructose, “White sugar is a combination of (fructose and glucose). Fructose, when consumed, does not send a message to the brain to stop eating; glucose does.” She goes on to explain that sugar turns into fat right away and is seriously addictive. (A quick Google search showed this article)

The second rule is just as common-sense: Fisers says, “I mostly don’t eat processed foods…” and she goes on to share why. Ketchup is full of sugar, as are some things which might surprise people. Baked beans and many breakfast cereals are also loaded with sugar. Other rules include not drinking carbonated beverages or fruit juice and not buying diet or low-fat foods.

There are many diet books on real and virtual bookshelves of every bookstore. Why buy this very small book? Simply because it is small and authentic. It’s simple to read. Even those who are not readers or who only read bullet points can understand a page that looks like this:


Small enough to carry in a purse or pocket, this is a great reminder about healthy eating.

Please note: This review is based on the final book provided by the publisher, Touchstone, for review purposes.



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