4 Halloween Picture Books to Please Many a Ghoulish Young Reader

The weather is finally cooling down, and just in time for Halloween come three perfect picture books to read during the dark autumn evenings.

What says “Halloween” more than a ghostly cat? “Ghost Cat,” by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kevin Barry, is the sweet story of a lighthouse keeper, a brave woman named Maggie McCullen and her cat. When her beloved cat died, he just decided to hang around. And one night when Maggie is going to light the lamp at the top of the lighthouse and she falls, her cat saves the day! The author has included an Author’s Note with nonfiction information about lighthouses. (Sleeping Bear Press)

Instead of thinking about all the Halloween candy out there, get your young reader engrossed in the very interactive book, “There’s a Monster in Your Book” by Tom Fletcher. This book is sure to be a big hit with young readers who will love blowing, tickling, tilting, wiggling, spinning, and making loud noises to chases the monster away. The monster isn’t really terribly scary, and who would be scared of a monster who runs from loud noises? Not most kids. But they will want to read this book over and over again! (Random House Books for Young Readers)

In “Bonaparte Falls Apart” by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Will Terry, a skeleton just can’t keep it together. Actually, he can’t keep his bones together — he just keep falling apart at the most inopportune times. When his bones roll away, sometimes he has trouble finding them! Just imagine trying to find your head when it’s rolled under the bed. Bonaparte is very worried about starting school. He’s afraid that the other kids will make fun of him. His friends try all kinds of solutions, but nothing works until they see a dog run by with a bone in his mouth. That gives Bonaparte an idea. The world’s first service dog to retrieve fallen bones is trained, and Bonaparte has a “bone-a-fide” friend. This would also be a great way to teach kids about what real service dogs do (and how it takes a bit more than two weeks to train them). (Crown Books for Young Readers)

“Duck & Goose, Honk! Quack! Boo!” is a sweet tale of best friends Duck and Goose getting ready for trick or treating. When their friend Thistle tells them to “beware the swamp monster,” Duck and Goose get worried. In fact, Duck and Goose have to get over the scary costumes, but they soon have fun with all their friends in the forest. Until, of course, they see the swamp monster! In the end, a good time is had by all and this story might just help little readers get over their fear of Halloween and all the scary costumes! (Schwartz & Wade Books)

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover books provided by the publishers for review purposes.

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