‘Welcome, A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals’ will Delight Youngsters and Parents


Mo Willems knows how to connect with kids. Kids love him. Librarians worship him. Really. And with the publication of “Welcome, A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals,” he proves that he can also appeal to an even younger group — babies.

This book is a really sturdy board book. The first page and the last page are mirrors, and as mirrors in picture books go, these are pretty good ones. Most young children will be able to recognize themselves in these mirrors.

The text is simple and direct. It begins:

OUR RESEARCH INDICATES This is YOU. Take a good look How remarkable it is that you are you.” It goes on to say that “You are a unique combination of LOVE + TIME + LUCK”

Many pages end with the text “…while we read this book together,” and an image of a parent and child happily reading a book. Parents (or guardians) reading with their children are, indeed, a happy sight to behold.

Other pages begin with “Thank you for joining us,” “Please enjoy your stay,” and “Your contributions are greatly appreciated.” Willems also includes “A few upcoming highlights” in which music, cats and stories are shown. Cats!

The book includes warnings for the baby, too. “Conditions may vary…” Willems warns that there may be turbulence and unexpected events. But the bottom line? Baby is loved. Now and always.

This book would be a perfect gift on its own or tucked into a baby blanket for a newborn. It will be enjoyed by baby and parent alike. In fact, it’s a perfect way to introduce a newborn to the joy of Mo Willems, and it’s just in time for his super compilation of all his Elephant and Piggie stories, which are in a book appropriately titled “An Elephant & Piggie Biggie!”

Please note: This review is based on the final, hardcover board book provided by the publisher, Hyperion-Disney, for review purposes.

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