‘City of the Lost’ by Kelley Armstrong: Thrilling and action-packed fiction

city of lost

Kelley Armstrong is no stranger to writing fast-moving, exciting fiction. With “City of the Lost,” the start of a new series, Armstrong introduces readers to life in rural — very, very rural — Canada.

Casey Duncan, the protagonist of the novel, is a tough homicide detective. The readers learn early in the story that she killed a man in college. He was the grandson of a mob boss, and she has been looking over her shoulder ever since. Part of her certainly feels like she should be punished for her crime.

When Diana, her best friend and a long-time victim of domestic abuse, hears about a place off the grid where people on the run can disappear, Casey agrees to go with her. There’s an application process through the Council that runs the town, but they need a detective because of a recent rash of unsolved crimes, so both Casey and Diana are allowed in.

The town is in the middle of the wilds of Canada. There is no technology — no telephones, no television, no computers or internet. There are only two ways out of the compound — by plane with the Council’s permission or on foot through hundreds of miles of unforgiving terrain.

What Casey finds over the course of the story is that she is not the only one with a secret;  everyone around her is harboring secrets. The people in the town, the Council, the town’s Sheriff, even her best friend are all harboring secrets of their own. Casey must decide what she is going to do about the information she discovers, and how much she will risk of her heart in the process.

This novel is a perfect choice for readers who enjoy thrillers, adventure, mystery, and a bit of romance. There are plenty of twists and turns and surprises throughout the story. Don’t miss the sequel, “A Darkness Absolute.”

Please note: This review is based on the paperback provided by the publisher, Minotaur Books, for review purposes.

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