Sweet, gentle “perfect” dog to be killed in Brooklyn, NY


Update: She is safe with Second Chance Rescue!

A sweet, virtually perfect dog sits on death row in Brooklyn, NY, because her owners moved and dumped her to die at the shelter. Sensi lived with kids and a small dog — she loves everyone. The owner said,

“Sensi does not have any behavior issues.”

In fact, this beautiful dog is gentle with adults and kids. She is relaxed and respectful around children. She lived with a small dog and played with the dog. She was crated for up to 12 hours at a time. She is beautifully housetrained.

She is also not destructive in the house. In short, this is a darling family dog. But in the open access shelter, an owner surrender is not given much time. Watch this adorable dog’s video below and see how affectionate she it.

She was temperament tested at the shelter. The following information was posted:

sensiSensi is an approximately 5 year old APBT. Sensi was purchased from a breeder 5 years ago. The main reason for surrender is that the owner moved to a place where pets are not allowed. Sensi does not have any health concerns. (SOCIALIZATION) Sensi is friendly and outgoing with strangers. Sensi is relaxed, friendly and respectful around children. She plays gentle with adults and kids alike. Sensi lived with a small dog and she was relaxed and playful with the dog. She does not like cats. Sensi has never bitten or scratched anyone. (BEHAVIOR) Sensi does not have any behavior issues. During storms or loud noises, she is quiet and unbothered. Sensi allows you to take away her food bowl, water bowl, or toy away. She struggles when you try to bathe her. she is not bothered if awakened from her sleep. If an unfamiliar approaches the doorway, she barks. (FOR A NEW FAMILY TO KNOW) Sensi is best described as friendly, affectionate and playful. She has a very high activity level. When home, she follows you around. She enjoys playing with balls, squeaky and rope toys. She was fed Eukenuba. Sensi is very house trained. She usually goes potty on dirt. When left alone in the house, she is well behaved. She is crate trained up to 12 hours at a time. She listens to the command sit, stay and lay down. For exercise she is walked on the leash. She pulls hard. (BEHAVIOR DURING INTAKE) Sensi allowed all handling, collaring and photos.

A foster offer could save her life. Could you open your home for even a short time to save her? Please share her story.  Sensi is ID#A1097391. She is at the New York Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn. More information is on her Facebook thread courtesy of Must Love Dogs — Safe With Me.

Shelter contact information:

2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208

Phone number (212) 788-4000
Email adoption@nycacc.org

If you want to adopt and cannot go pick the dog up personally, please fill out applications with as many rescues as you can. To foster, you must be within 4 hours of NYC. To adopt you will need to be in the general NE US area (unless you can get to the shelter in person).

You can message this page or email mustlovedogsNYC@gmail.com for guidance and assistance.

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