‘Hotel Bruce’ by Ryan T. Higgins: Wonderful sequel to ‘Mother Bruce’


In “Mother Bruce,” author/illustrator Ryan T. Higgins introduced readers to Bruce, a grumpy, cantankerous bear who unwillingly adopted four goslings when they hatched before he could make an egg dish. Like any good “mother,” he took them to Florida when it was time to migrate.

This time, when “Mother” Bruce and his goslings return from Florida, there is trouble at the homestead. Three clever mice have turned the home into a hotel. Bruce, needless to say, is an even unhappier bear than usual.

The illustrations and the expressions on the faces of the animals who have taken up residence in the “hotel” are fabulous. There is a moose in the bed and a porcupine who wants to snuggle. The possums have pillow fights, and the mice turn the goslings into bellhops.

How Bruce gets his home back will make kids smile. But what will make everyone smile are the fabulous illustrations of the animals. Elephants on vacation with sunglasses, cameras and Hawaiian shirts are a sight to behold. And the chagrined look on their faces when Bruce kicks them out will make everyone sad.

But Bruce proves at the end that he really is “Mother” Bruce, with a mother’s kind heart. A story kids (and adults) will love.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by Disney – Hyperion for review purposes.

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