Emaciated dog urgently in need of rescue in Miami


Note: Rescued by No Paw Left Behind. Donation information on Facebook thread.

A dog who is skin and bones is urgently in need of rescue from Miami Dade Animal Services. This poor animal arrived at the shelter with a body condition of 1/9 — which is as bad as it gets. A rescue would need to have him rushed to a veterinarian to get medical care as just feeding him is not enough for a dog in this condition. He does have pledges on his Facebook thread to help with medical care.

This poor creature is dehydrated and the notes state, “almost a complete loss of skin elasticity.” He was not eating well, although he took a bit of moist food when offered by hand.

He is listed as a six-year-old American bulldog. They have named him Samson. The shelter notes further state:

Generalized alopecia and crusting. Fleas and ticks present throughout haircoat.
PCV = 19%. TS = 6.8. Skin scrape = sarcoptes. Fecal = negative. Parvo = negative.
Schirmer tear test = >15 at 30 seconds OU. Fluorescein stain = negative. Gave warmed LRS 600ml SC. Flushed eyes with saline OU. Gave Capstar PO. Gave Ivermectin 0.43ml SC. Offered canned dog and cat food, but pet was not interested in either. Gave Nutrical PO.
Recommend feeding small amounts of food multiple times a day to prevent re-feeding
syndrome. Recommend transfer to rescue by 4pm TODAY for further diagnostics and
care. Humane euthanasia may be indicated if condition does not improve. Recheck at 4:30pm: 99.8 F; much more active than on presentation; observed drinking but not eating; repeated Nutrical PO

The shelter has started medical treatment, but they will euthanize him if a rescue does not step up immediately. And this dog needs to be in the care of a medical professional where he will get the treatment he desperately needs.

Samson has probably known a life of suffering. He is only six years old. Please share his story to help save him.

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