Adorable bilingual board books

Three fabulous (or should I say fabuloso?) board books for children would make great gifts for the youngest of readers. “Amigos” by fabuloso author Eric Carle (Philomel Books) is a translation of his recent picture book “Friends.” It features the same brilliant illustrations. Ask a young reader to pick a favorite page. The blue rain scene is a particularly wonderful one. The Spanish seems to be a direct translation. This is for those who know their español.

Bilingual books publisher Lil’ Libros has two new offerings. “Cuauhtémoc” by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein and illustrated by Citlali Reyes features the proud, smiling fact of an Aztec warrior striding across the cover. It’s a picture book about shapes including heart (corazón), circle, oval, and more. Each page is a muted orange, blue, green, ochre, and the text is large and easy to read.

“Un elefante” is a board book designed to help young readers learn to count in two languages. The illustrations are bright and cartoon-like. A minor quibble is that the elephants are shown in circus-like settings doing circus activities that most definitely do not make elephants smile like the elephants in the illustrations. Perhaps next time a book with elephants in jungle, playing in the water and with each other?

Any and all of these board books are perfect for the aspiring dual language reader on your shopping list!

Please note: This review is based on the final, hard books provided by the publishers for review purposes.

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