‘The Bookshop on the Corner’ by Jenny Colgan is a charming story of love and a bookworm who learns to live outside of a book


“The Bookshop on the Corner” is written by Jenny Colgan, author of the charming “Little Beach Street Bakery” books. She keeps her characters in Great Britain, but changes the bakery for a bookstore.

The main character, Nina Redmond, loves to pair up people and books. Like many a lover of reading, she loves to find that perfect book that will make reading exciting and wonderful. And she finds reading exciting and wonderful — much more wonderful than real life.

But when she loses her job at the local library, Nina takes a risk and travels to Scotland to buy a van she will make into a traveling bookshop. It’s her dream-come-true. Problems ensue and instead of being able to take her van to Edgbaston, where Nina lives, she ends up moving to Scotland to sell books from her van, moving into the cottage on the property of an irascible Scot who comes complete with kilt, sheep, and sheepdog.

The course of love is never true, and in this case it’s made more difficult by the driver of a train which almost kills Nina after her van stalls on the tracks. But her primary dilemma remains: Is the handsome man who quotes poetry and leaves her books the one for her, or is it the man closer to home?

Finding out is fun and very entertaining. True to Colgan’s other books, this one is filled with scenes of rural England/Scotland and will feel like a vacation without ever leaving the covers of the book! For book-lovers, this is a book about love, books, and life.

Please note: This review is based on the advance reader’s copy provided by William Morrow Paperbacks for review purposes.