Two senior dogs in Miami urgently need rescue or adoption

While the brand new county shelter in Miami says it’s “no kill,” the numbers don’t reflect that. Those who work hard to network the dogs in the shelter have seen what happens to large dogs, bully breeds and senior dogs. In fact, right now there are two senior dogs at the shelter who volunteers are hoping will get pulled or adopted before they are killed for being “aggressive” or sick.

Both these senior dogs are black, which is an additional strike against them. Not only are black dogs the color of dogs most euthanized in shelters, older black dogs are almost impossible to get adopted.

Lola is sweet and was likely a loyal companion to someone for many years. She is pictured above with her head plastered against the leg of a worker — the human touch probably comforting to her in the midst of her confusion and heartbreak after being abandoned by her owner.

Lola’s video shows her gray muzzle, the sign of living many years with a human. The video also shows that Lola is alert and very responsive to visitors. Watch it and see her little tail wagging. She’s hoping against hope that someone looks past the gray and sees a heart filled with love and affection.

Lola is ID#A1806080. She is listed as a seven-year-old Rottweiler mix. She has been at the shelter for over a month. There may be more information on her Facebook thread.

Lola and Rocky are rooming together.

Rocky and his brother, Cookie, were abandoned at the shelter by their owner at eight years old. Rocky’s brother was adopted, leaving Rocky behind, alone and depressed. They had been adopted from the shelter many years ago, and now that Rocky has some gray hair, his owner has left him. Rocky is heartbroken. He cries in his kennel. The volunteers noted:

He cries in his kennel, but once outside, he flourishes. Quiet and nice energy level. Loves to play in the water. Please come get Rocky before he gets overlooked. at Miami Dade Animal Services.

Watch his video and see how calm he is. He’s terrified in his kennel though. Confused and uncertain why he’s back in a cage after years with a family.

Rocky #A1099460. He is listed as a black terrier mix and has already been neutered. Rocky is urgent — he has been at the shelter since June 25th. That’s a long time, and the shelter won’t keep him forever. Please share his story to help him find a loving home to end his life in — he still has years of love to offer! His current status can be seen on his PetHarbor page.  There might be more information on his Facebook thread

See this video of both dogs rooming together.

Miami Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79 Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166. The phone number is (305) 884-1101. The shelter is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Email: for more information.

Please note that I do not work at the shelter. Do not post pledges or offers to adopt in the comments — they will not be seen by the shelter. Contact the shelter directly to help or visit the Facebook threads for more information. Also, only respectful, profanity-free comments will be approved.

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