‘Against All Silence: An SOS Thriller’ by E. C. Meyers

against all silence

“Against All Silence” by E. C. Meyers is the sequel to “The Silence of Six,” and both novels are young adult thrillers that will enthrall techie readers and non-techie readers alike.

In this sequel, main character Max Stein is just leaving Paris when he gets a message from his co-conspirator and sometimes-girlfriend Penny that he needs to go to Berlin. When he gets there, he becomes enmeshed in a global conspiracy that only he and Penny can bring down.

But when his ideals and Penny’s ideals part ways, what’s going to happen? Adaptive Books, the publisher, “…repurposes abandoned movie scripts into books” (according to Publisher’s Weekly) and in “Against All Silence,” as in “The Silence of Six,” one can visualize the non-stop action as if it were a movie. The action never ends, and Meyers includes several twists to make the story even more involving. 

While this book could stand on its own, reading the first book in the series will make the experience much more enjoyable. It’s a perfect choice for reluctant readers and those who love thrillers.

Non-techie readers will enjoy the story immensely and come away with just a bit more knowledge of how the whole internet world works. Please note: this story has more sexual references about Max and Penny’s relationship than the first book, making it a young adult book rather than a middle grade/young adult crossover.

This review is based on the advanced reader copy provided by the publisher, Adaptive Books, for review purposes.

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