Voyagers scifi series for middle grade readers: 6 books to excite readers


IMG_7919Voyagers is a series of six books about a group of twelve-year-old kids flying a mission across space to rescue a dying planet Earth. The six books are written by six best-selling children’s authors. Each book features a different adventure to a different planet — and the challenges and dangers don’t only come from battling aliens and nature on each planet. Sometimes, the danger may come from their fellow travelers because the Alpha team finds out that there is another team on the job — in a different ship and with a far more nefarious plan.

The series starts with “Project Alpha” by D. J. MacHale (author of SYLO) about the contest to find the crew for this mission and the first planet (and mission) in the series. In it, the travelers must extract the first of the elements they need to save Earth.  The second book in the series is “Game of Flames” by Robin Wasserman about the next planet that the team visits, a planet filled with molten lava.

Book Three in the series is “Omega Rising” by Patrick Carman, and the planet they visit is an ocean-filled world with dangerous predators and — perhaps — equally dangerous aliens. “Infinity Riders” by Kekla Magoon is the fourth book in the series. In this story, winged horses whose eyes are like flashlights help the voyagers on their quest. Who wouldn’t love a chance to ride a flying horse?

Book Five is “Escape the Vortex” by Jeanne DuPrau (author of “City of Ember”). The planet the Voyagers visit is a frigid, icy place where danger abounds. When their fellow travelers, the Omega team, are in trouble, do they help?

The last book is “The Seventh Element” by Wendy Mass (author of the Willow Falls series). In it, the Voyagers must combat dragons and elves to get the last element necessary to save Earth. But they are also batting time — one of their teammates cannot afford any delay in getting back to Earth.

Random House Kids also set up a website with many activities that tie into the series. Readers can play games, decode “alien” words, Round up ZRKs, connect circuits, and more. This exciting set of adventures is all great fun, and it’s sure to engage reluctant readers.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover books provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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